Navy Trench + White Trousers

Since the weather is finally breaking, I've started to pull out some of my favorite Spring pieces, and this trench is one of them. I've had this trench for years — literally dating back to college. It's one of the pieces I refuse to get rid of because it's timeless and [surprisingly] still fits. Trench coats have made their way back to being one of this season's must-have trend pieces.

Men's Must-Have Spring 2017 Outerwear

The weather is finally turning, and this Spring it's about [layered] outerwear. And if you're from the 90's era, many styles, fabrics, and silhouettes are making their way back. But the 2017 version of the styles are redesigned with modern colors and slimmer fits; now before you run out and invest in new pieces, take a look at the must-have outerwear styles; click to see more.

10 of the Best Vegan Snacks for On-the-go

Since becoming semi-vegan four months ago, I've found it difficult to find snacks that are easy to prepare, and good. There are a lot of different products on the market that aren't — they taste fake and overly processed, and I've found that many of them have unnatural hidden ingredients. Like myself, many new vegans believe anything labeled vegan is safe to eat, but as you know, you must check the labels before you consume anything.

Leather Jacket + Denim on Distressed Denim

Aside from oversized, distressed denim has been my go to over the past few weeks. It's something about the destruction that I love, especially when it's paired with pieces that are more refined and polished. Since we are finally starting to get warmer weather (Hey, Spring! Glad to see ya girl!)

5 Ways to Wear a Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts are one of those pieces that every man has in his wardrobe, regardless of his [personal] style. They can easily get boring and quickly fall under business attire because they're so predictable, but they don't have to be. And even though winter is still here (insert angry face), Spring is around the corner, so I wanted to bring you a quick style video.

5 Reasons You Have Nothing to Wear

A few weeks back I did a challenge Elle created—9 Items, 10 Looks—and while doing it, I realized many of us [still] feel like we have nothing to wear quite often. Your hangers are full of shirts and denim you never wear and draws full of items you can't seem to piece together. The truth is, you have a closet full of the wrong pieces; this is why you feel like you have nothing to wear.

Camo Jacket + Pink Hoodie

Camo will never get old to me; it's one of those patterns (or colors) that will always be on trend and go with everything—like leopard. I've wanted an oversized camo jacket for some time now, but I wasn't able to find the right one. It had to be oversized, but not long in length, no extra hardware or interest, just a minimal camo jacket.

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

This May will mark seven years since I received my first laser hair removal treatment. The immediate results were great, but years later the hair returned, and I was faced with the same problem again, razor irritation. I've tried countless different products and shave-systems, and while some of them have helped, I'm not fully satisfied with the results. For the last few months, I've been toying around with the idea of getting laser treatment again, but after my previous experience, I was hesitant.