5 Ways to Wear Stripes this Spring

Many of you have spent most of your lives avoiding stripes; they can make you look wide, unproportioned, and sometimes like a referee. You've probably heard that stripes are a must-have for men, and they are, but wearing them incorrectly can easily throw off your entire look.

Why Timing Is Everything

We are all guilty of being impatient and wanting things to happen in an instant when in reality, it isn't reality. Everything is about timing, and I mean EVERYTHING. I have to be honest, over the past few days, I've been beating myself up trying to figure out the next steps to elevate me to the next level and realized it's not up to me. That may sound confusing and slightly untrue, but if you pay attention; nothing happens on accident; the universe is out there and listening.

How to Build a Stylish Wardrobe on a Budget

The style influencer movement is on the rise; just open your Instagram, and everyone is now into style and fashion. Because of that, many people are spending a ton of money trying to have the latest trends to showcase on-the-gram, but let me be the one to tell you: you don't have to go broke to have style.

3 Face Masks for Oily Skin

Face masks are on the rise, and when you combine that with the rise of men's skincare, you're in for a little confusion with what products to use. As someone who loves products and also has sensitive—problematic skin, I'm always on the hunt for the best products to incorporate into my [daily] skincare routine.

Rose Print S/S Button-Down

Happy Wednesday, Guys! Out of nowhere mother nature started to play some games and gave us a Summer day followed by a Winter night :insert side eye:, but I'm already in Summer mode so I had to pull out my sandals and s/s woven for this week's style post.

How to Let Go of Fear and Step into Authenticity

Fear is a complex emotion, and we [as humans] all live with some sort of fear. Whether it's fear of public speaking, animals or heights, we all have that moment where our anxiety is at its limit, and we freeze. But what happens when you become inhibited by fear?  When fear stops you from being your authentic self and living the life YOU want?

3 Morning Smoothies to Transform Your Morning Routine

Many of us start our day skipping breakfast, or grabbing something that's unhealthy. And even if we're grab something that's healthy, it's [usually] lacking the full balance of nutrients that keeps us full until our next meal. As someone who is always on the go, I rarely have breakfast, and when I do it's so late in the morning that it's practically lunch. 

Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear Trend Guide

It's that time of year where I like to bring you the last trends of the season, and this Spring/Summer there's some returning players and some new items to add into the mix. In this season's trend guide, we're covering the top five menswear trends from SS17, from prints to key pieces. 

Creating Your Life with Vision: A Conversation with Bevy Smith

Hailing from Harlem, Bevy Smith is TV's go-to personality for on-air commentary that's honest, engaging, and always authentic to who she is — little brown Bevy. From her SiriusXM radio show to being a panelist on Wendy William's Style Squad, to her upcoming Page Six show, Bevy has created her [own] happiness through having the career she wants, and living life on her terms. When Bevy left her [very] luxurious, and comfortable Fashion AD Director career at 38, she started Dinner with Bevy and Life with Vision.