Vintage Band T-Shirt + Skinny Jean

After coming off the heels of fashion week, this week was about relaxing and getting my routine back in order and planning some things for the next coming weeks. I'm slightly disappointed that I haven't been on an official vacation this year, but the year isn't over, and I'm hoping to do a few days trips in the next coming months. With that said, let's talk about this look.

5 Ways to Wear a Black Suit

Suiting is essential in menswear, and the go-to for many men is black. While black can be boring, it's the most practical, and since suits are the costliest item most buy, it's important to get the most cost-per-wear.

7-Ways You Can Deal with Rejection

Rejection is a tough part of life that we'll all face countless times. Whether you were passed up for a promotion, didn't receive a job offer, or turned down on a date, the emotions that's associated with rejection are painful and many times result in anger and fear. 

#NYFW S/S17 Recap

#NYFW comes around twice a year, four if you're attending the men's shows, but nothing has the impact like fashion week. I've been attending shows since 2007-2008, and while fashion week has lost a lot of its luster and exclusivity, it's still a week I look forward to season after season. 

Laurel DeWitt RTW S/S 17

It was the seduction of romanticism and courtship that grabbed our attention as a violinist walked down the runway in head-to-toe metal playing a classical version of Beyonce's Pray You Catch Me. As the soft vocals of Beyonce's voice began to come through the sound system, you could hear the clash of the metal, as if it was a part of the beat.

3 Hidden Secrets to Minimize Large Pores

People with thick, oily skin tend to develop large pores that can cause an unsightly appearance. Large pores are open hair follicles that serve as the escape route for moisture, oil, and other toxins. When oil settles around the follicle, pores become clogged and appear large.

5:31 Jérôme RTW S/S 2017

From ostrich feathered jackets to pearl and Swarovski beaded sandals, Jérôme LaMaar's attention to detail and "more is more" aesthetic never disappoints. This season, LaMaar featured a collection of 13 pieces that was inspired by futuristic tides of the future Bronx.

5-Daily Mantras to Combat Stress

A few weeks back, I helped you jump start your day with the 5-Morning Mantras of Success, and now I want to help you kick your stress with these 5-mantras to combat stress. What I noticed from the last post is that many people are unfamiliar with mantras and the powers they can hold.