Committed to living in style and bringing my idea of what that means to me, I created samcperry.com as an outlet to convey that message to you. I believe that every man can live a life of style, and that doesn't just mean being fashionable. Style is not about wearing labels; it's about creating a lifestyle that reflects who you are through fashion, lifestyle, and spirituality.

Who is Sam?


My love for fashion and style can be dated back to my childhood. At a time where pop-culture and music became synonymous with new and innovative style; I began to notice how important style was to your image. As I searched for who I was and learned what having style [really] meant, my [personal] style began to change and evolve. Being born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, I always knew I had an itch for fashion, but fearing the unknown, I took a different path. While on this path, I embarked on my first introduction to the World of Fashion, and what it meant to [really] work in it; this introduction changed the course of my life. 

As a natural born creative and teacher at heart, I created samcperry.com as an outlet to merge my love and perspective of fashion, lifestyle, and spirituality to show you—the millennial male-of-color—that no matter your circumstance or position in life, you can Live in Style. As I expand on my career and prepare myself to take center stage as a Media Personality/Host, I have launched Living in Style; a podcast series featuring some of the people who've inspired me (and you) through their story by understanding how they achieved their level of success. 

Now based in Northern, New Jersey, I'm still that shy boy with big city dreams going after everything I've dreamed of. When I'm not working, you can find me curled up with a new book, laughing with family and feeding my love for creativity and food. 

Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired!

Interested in collaborating on a project for your brand or looking for personal style help? Email me and let's get started! If you'd like to get your brand featured in a style post or have something you'd like me to cover, share it with me and I'll consider your submission for coverage on the site. 

All media - and PR - related opportunities, please e-mail me directly at sam@samcperry.com

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