Living in Style is about abundance, it’s about radiating energy that allows you to take control of your life, and live it completely—in style. From birth, we are handed a set of rules, regulations, and steps we must follow to make it, but our birthright is to be our authentic selves, have peace-of-mind, and live our tomorrow, today with power, wisdom, and favor. It’s about having an understanding of who we are at our core, and being that person unapologetically with the most profound trust and faith in the universe, and being the co-creator of your life. It’s about igniting your [personal] style to live your life in style through wellness, lifestyle, and fashion.

Style is not about wearing labels; it's about creating a lifestyle that reflects who you are through fashion, lifestyle, and spirituality.


After spending 13 years in the fashion industry, Sam C. Perry set out on a mission to help overworked 9-5ers reclaim their lives. A graduate of Berkeley College and the International Association of Wellness Professionals, Sam is a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Writer, and Host bridging the gap between holistic wellness, spirituality, and personal style. As a natural-born creative and teacher at heart, Sam created as an outlet to merge his love and perspective of wellness, lifestyle, and style to show you—no matter your circumstance or position in life, you can Live in Style. He hopes that the messages and tools created will allow you to feel, create, and nourish a connection to your higher-self, and get clear(er) on exactly what it is you want and manifest it into your life.

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