3 Lessons I Learned this Summer that I'm Taking Into Fall



At the end of every season, I like to reflect on how the previous season went, and because this Summer was uneventful and somewhat of a drag, I had to take a moment to [really] reflect on what this season taught me. Nearly everything I had planned and wanted to do—didn't happen, and because of that, I felt the Summer flew by without anything happening.

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As the days went by, my plans continued to fall to the side; nearly everything in my daily circle revolved around work or getting ready for the work week. Most days I was frustrated as I saw everyone traveling, heading to events, and having Summer fun—a real case of FOMO. I tried to not play the comparison game, but I can admit, I fell down the rabbit hole a few times. But since we're heading into a new season and the final quarter of the year, I sat down to think about what I [really] learned, and how I can take those lessons into Fall.

I. "I'll do it tomorrow," are dangerous words

I say this way too often, and most of the time, I give myself a reason to believe why I can do something tomorrow or later. It's a tool of procrastination, but the truth is tomorrow never comes, and the thing I keep saying I'll do tomorrow never gets done. Yes, I am consistent with content, but there are bigger creative projects that I have on my to-do list, and I keep waiting for this-or-that to get started on them. I'm tired of wishing, dreaming, and planning; it's time to start doing everything that's on the to-do list today. So, over the next three months, I've committed to myself to [fully] complete one of the bigger projects on my list.


II. I need to be outside

After spending time inside for an extended period of time, I noticed how my mood began to shift. Too often then I'd like to admit, I begin to feel isolated and trapped; this is when my anxiety takes over, and the circle of emotions confines me.

I like to be outside because I associate the outdoors with freedom—an unlimited amount of space and the ability to pursue anything I want, and when I'm inside, I feel the opposite. During the week, I barely get outside other than commuting to-and-from work, but I've now made it a point to go for walks at least three times a week, and on the weekends, it's a given that I will be on-the-go and outside. During the Summer this is easier to do, but I'm committed to sticking to this during the Fall and Winter.


III. Positivity is key in my life

No matter how hard I try, there's always an ounce of negative energy around, but I'm becoming good at identifying and avoiding it. Because I have anxiety, it's important that I keep positivity in my life, so every morning during my commute I listen to a 12-minute meditation followed by Deepak Chopra's Affirmations. During the Summer, I allowed a lot of small things bother me and take away my joy, but now that I'm aware of it, I promised myself to take the steps to keep only positive energy around, and the begins with keeping a positive mindset.

If you allow yourself to be aware of what you're feeling and feel it, you will understand that we're all students to this thing called life. After a Summer that went against everything I had planned, I'm learning to let go of solid plans and enjoy life while I remain mindful of the growth that's still needed. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.