3 Outfits Inspired by Spirituality



Perhaps one thing we all have in common is the instant gratification we all feel when we hit submit on that one item that's been sitting in our shopping cart for weeks, but like biting into the donut you shouldn't be eating, the feeling of satisfaction is over as soon as you digest it. When I was first introduced to fashion and started working in the business, I remember the sense of relief I felt; I felt like I was home, and my sense for style immediately started to grow as I got comfortable. Fast forward to today, and as I move forward in the spiritual and self-care space, I can't leave behind my first love—fashion, so I continue to connect the two in unconventional ways to help you understand—style is just as spiritual and important to your well-being as stillness.

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Fashion at its core is about invoking an emotional feeling, and when you express your emotions through style, it's you connecting to your inner spirit.

Here are three looks inspired by spirituality.


Minimalism is about making an impact with simple, streamlined designs; getting back to the basics and letting go of the noise. The one misconception about minimalism is you have to give up color, but as you can see with this monochromatic look, I returned to the basics and kept it simple.

I chose to wear the color red to connect to my root chakra since I've been feeling uneasy and needed grounding. The root chakra provides the foundation to help you build your life; it is where you ground yourself and anchor your energy to manifest what you need from the world.


Wearing: ASOS Sweater and Pants // Converse Sneakers


We are surrounded by color, and it's one of nature's most under-appreciated aspects, and like chakras, spirituality is connected to the healing power and aura of different colors. You can wear clothes and accessories to promote, visualize, and exploit each quality and their healing properties.

Green is known for symbolizing money, prosperity, and luck; it can also signify balance and peace—all of what I need in my life, so I decided to wear an aspect of green for this look.


Wearing: ASOS Sweater and Denim


One of the hardest aspects of growing spiritually is the ability to stay and remain focused. Spirituality is a personal, meaningful experience and when you're able to focus clearly, you're able to express yourself more congruently and authentically. It's important to focus on what matters, and in a world that creates a lot of noise, I encourage you to stay centered and on the path that's best for you.

Wearing mixed patterns—plaid and stripes—keeps the eye moving, but you're able to focus because the colors are the same and toned down with a black-and-white color palette.


Wearing: Zara Cardigan and Trousers (Similar) // H&M T-Shirt