3 Reasons Why Getting Dressed Daily Can Increase Your Productivity


The alarm goes off, you hit snooze and then eventually drag yourself out of bed, and after standing in your closet for 30 minutes, you decide to throw on your sweats and head out the door. You'll be comfortable all day and ready to take a nap at any moment, but could this be killing your productivity? Sure, wearing comfortable clothing is everyone's goal, but I'm here to tell you that there are benefits to taking a few extra minutes to dress up instead of throwing on those baggy sweats and sweater. Here are three ways getting dressed daily can increase your productivity. 

Helps you develop a routine

Creating a routine is a great way to get your gears in motion, especially in the morning. Start the night before by laying out your clothing, down to your undergarments and footwear. You will wake up without the fuss of trying to figure out what to wear, and it will also save you time. Now when your alarm goes off, you will roll out the bed and that perfectly steamed blazer you laid out the night before will boost your confidence and in turn your productivity. 

Gives you confidence

While dressing is very individual, and everyone feels different in a particular item of clothing, I do believe that getting dressed and showing up will increase your productive and confidence. Just think how you feel when you put on your favorite item of clothing; you feel good about yourself and not sluggish. Having confidence with how you look will give you confidence in yourself, and this will increase your productivity because you're not fussing with your clothing all day.


Dress for the job you want

Whether you're in a traditional office or a freelancer, dressing for the job you want will train your mind to believe you already have it. When you do this, it pushes you to work harder to maintain it thus increasing your productivity. Also, it's about creating perception; think how you want to be perceived in a work environment — it's not about being someone you're not, it's about affecting and making an impact without words. 

Throwing on formal clothing alone will not increase your productivity, but the state of mind that it puts you in does. The important thing is to dress in what makes you comfortable; you will not be productive if you're rearranging your clothing or struggling to move in too small clothing or something you're not comfortable in. 

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