3 Ways to Update a Boring Sweater

We are officially a week into 2018, but no new year is complete without my mom throwing her annual New Year's Day party and playing our traditional game of BINGO. After the year we've had as a family, this holiday we focused on creating [more] memories and filling everyone with some much-needed laughter. To kick-off the year, I pulled out a few of my favorite sweaters,`and I'm showing you guys how you can update them as you prep for the colder weeks ahead.


Feel good with texture


Sweater // Zara (Love this and this) -- Denim Woven // ASOS -- Denim Jeans // H&M -- Bingo Game // Amazon

Since we've started playing BINGO, I've always been the designated number caller—my family will NOT play if I'm not calling the numbers, so I never get to have my hand in winning the jackpot. Being around family, especially during the holidays, always makes me feel good and reminds me of my childhood, so it's only right I wear a sweater that does the same—make me feel good, and it's all in the texture. Sweaters are typically boring, but my favorite way to update them is to add interest with the texture of the fabric.


Layer it up


Jacket // Uniqlo -- Woven // Uniqlo -- Turtleneck // Uniqlo -- Denim Jacket // Gap (similar) -- Denim Jeans // H&M -- Shoes // ASOS (similar)

Because of the long winter break, I typically find myself indoors catching up on some R&R, so as soon as the New Year hits, I like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And because NYC is frigid, it's all about layers to keep warm. Turtlenecks are the perfect layering piece; you can easily layer them under a knit sweater or a woven. The key to layering is to keep your under-layers fitted to keep your shape looking slim—you don't want to add any bulk. Also, this is another place where you can play with texture; I did by layering a cashmere-turtleneck under a cotton-woven and denim jacket.

Color rush


Sweater // H&M (Similar) -- Layered Shirt // Uniqlo -- Denim Jeans // H&M

Winter is always drab and grey so, it's only right that you inject some color throughout the season. Even with my aesthetic being mostly black throughout the year, I'm trying to add more color into my wardrobe while keeping my style minimal. If you're bored with the standard black, navy, and grey sweaters, add a few in pops of color like pink, yellow, or green—the moodiness of the environment will serve as the perfect backdrop to a rush of color.


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