5 Fabrics You Need in Your Winter Wardrobe


Winter dressing is all about layering and the fabrics you use to layer. While most people are dressing to keep warm, some of us are dressing to show off our personal style. But who says you can't do both? While the days are shorter and the mornings are colder, there are fabrics that will have you looking warm and sophisticated. Winter fabrics should be strong and warm but should keep you fly as well. Taking all of that into consideration, these are the five fabrics you should incorporate into your wardrobe this winter. 

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Leather can be a year-round fabric depending on where you're located. Commonly found in outerwear, leather has taken off in the past year and has been available in both pants and shorts. However, if you are buying leather, I would suggest only doing so in outerwear. 


Tweed, a rough, unfinished woolen fabric is one of the most durable for fall. Available in a ray of colors and either plain or twill weaved; tweed can be found in outerwear, sport coats, and suiting. If you are looking to purchase tweed, I would recommend doing it in a quality charcoal grey suit or overcoat; you'll get the most use out of both.



Velvet isn't just for your holiday parties; it's a fabric that can be worn throughout the season. Made from silk, linen, wool, mohair, and sometimes cotton, velvet is known for its luxurious and elegant appeal. Velvet is a standout and stand alone piece; pick up a black or burgundy blazer, this can be worn for any occasion. 



Corduroy once had a stigma that was only worn by older men or children, but today it's one of those fabrics everyone has in their wardrobe. Because it's warm and very flexible, it can be worn in trousers, shirts, and jackets. Wearing corduroy will add visual texture to your wardrobe and is best for a casual look. 



Fur is one of the oldest materials used, probably dating back to the beginning of time. From rabbit to mink and fox, fur will not only keep you warm, it will add luxury and sophistication to you look. If you are anti-fur, there are many faux fur options available.