5 Fears Holding You Back and How to Beat Them


Fear can be crippling, and many times it's fear that's holding us back from going after the life we want and deserve. While fear is a natural emotion, and it's okay to have fears, we must be mindful of those that become so big they control our decisions and allow us to fall short. Now, I'm not talking about healthy and rational fears such as poisonous snakes, fire or violent situations; instead, I'm referring to those that live in our head - often based on misconceptions and over-thinking. I've been guilty of living in fear, and yes it has stopped me from doing those things I wanted and dreamt of doing, but once I realized what those fears were, I was able to overcome them and get intentional about my goals. 

So, you have to think, is it fear that's holding me back? Or is it my goals? Before we can look at the five fears that are holding us back, you have to look at your goals. Is it right for you and is it your goal? Also, take an analysis of what you want and why. 

Now that you've analyzed your goals and are confident it's right for you, but you're still stuck or afraid to get started, it's time to decide which of these five fears are holding you back.

Fear of Failure
Failure is a must for success; let me say that again - FAILURE IS A MUST FOR SUCCESS. We are told time and time again that the best way to learn is to do, but when we do and fail, we are criticized. We fear failure because the consequences seem huge, yet the only way to do something new is to learn to cope with failure.

The best way to get over the fear of failure is to learn from your mistakes and redefine what success means to you. No one gets it right on the first try, so think about what you could have done differently or better to achieve the outcome you desire. One of my favorite sayings is: There is no such thing as failure. Only feedback.

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Fear of Rejection
As creative people, we are often seen as eccentric, weird, or quirky, and while we avoid social norms, we still have a fear of rejection. School has shown us that social norms are acceptable, and those that don't fit into this mold are "castaways", so no wonder we feel rejection. 

The best way to get over this fear is to find your tribe; this is when social media and the internet has a positive outcome. Find people who are like-minded and share the same interest as you. You are not alone in this, and there are a ton of [creative] people who enjoy connecting with others. 

Fear of Perfection
Perfection is boring and unrelatable. If you are someone who is exposing your work, you are very critical of it and want to put out your best work out, but many times we procrastinate or avoid putting ourselves out there because we fear we aren't good enough or perfect. Like the fear of failure, it's ok to make mistakes; this is how we learn. No one is perfect, so if you're on the track to perfection, you'll never reach it. 

If we look at this fear, it's not about making mistakes or not being perfect; it's about how we feel and look when we are not "perfect"; you have to change your mindset and belief. Also, look at each mistake as a lesson learned and how you can grow from learning this lesson. 

Fear of Letting Go
Holding onto something that no longer serves us is something we all deal with and many times we fear letting go because we fear the pain or causing pain that comes with this. However, you must let go of anything in your life that no longer brings you joy, whether that's a job, a relationship or a material possession. Holding onto these things holds us back, so let them go. 

The easiest of the fears to overcome is this one. The only way to overcome this is to just let it go; feel the emotions that go along with this and deal with each individual. Trust me, when you let go, you'll feel the relief. 

Fear of Success
The fear of success sounds unrelatable and slightly unrealistic, but it exists and is very much like the fear of failure. If you've made your to-do list, set your deadlines, and created your strategy, but have yet to start the work, you are self-sabotaging and have a fear of success. Many times we are afraid of the results and feeling those fears I mentioned above, but the only person standing in the way of success is yourself. 

We are meant to do great things and are meant to make a difference, so do the work. Understand why you're standing in your own way; what are you afraid of - is it one of the other fears I've mentioned? Define what success looks like for you and create the tools that will guide you towards it. 

Fear is not something we should be ashamed of, we all live and deal with it, but only when we allow ourselves to get past the fears, can we live the life we want. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired. - SCP