5 Fragrances to Wear in the Winter


Choosing your winter wardrobe doesn't stop at just updating your suit or winter coat, don't forget to change over your fragrances to winter friendly scents. As the weather cools down, push those sweet citrus filled scents to the back and pull out the musk warm scents. Here are the top five picks that will add the finishing touches to your wardrobe.


Gucci by Gucci
This warm scent is filled with notes of tobacco leaves and amber leaving a warm yet masculine intense scent. Returning to tradition and the classic male, this fragrance is perfect for the man who doesn't want a fragrance that's bold and prefers subtlety. $69 @ Sephora


Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
Tom Ford is the king of sophistication and sensuality, and his fragrances represent that. Tuscan Leather is a distinctive fragrance with hints of amberwood and suede that captures the emotions of refinement. If you splurge on anything this season, it should be a Tom Ford fragrance. $225 @ Sephora


Montblanc Legend
Montblanc is a classic yet modern German company that manufactures luxury pens, but their signature scent Legend is timeless and clean. With a woody-floral tone and slight notes of citrus, this fragrance is for the fearless and charming man. $85 @ Sephora


Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Parfum Intense
A new fragrance for YSL that combines deep notes of wood and suede to increase temptation and desire. This scent is romantic and perfect for a night out on the town or date night with your lover. $104 @ Sephora


Dior Homme Cologne
Much cleaner and fresher than the other fragrances, this scent blends white musk with notes of citrus and floral. Though sweeter than the average winter fragrance, this scent is still pure enough to wear in the cooler months. $74 @ Sephora