5 Key Menswear Colors For Any Season


Men tend to avoid color, and similar to fit and fabric, color is key. Color plays a fundamental role in creating a dynamic look and continues to be one of the most difficult things to pull off. Which hues are on trend for the season? Which work for my skin tone? And how do I create a look with colors that compliment each other. 

Don't fret, below I'm listing five key menswear colors that can be the base of your wardrobe.

Grey is a timeless color and one of my favorites; it has been one of the biggest color trends the past few seasons and will continue to be the seasons ahead. Grey is common in minimal looks and athletic wear, but can also be a great color to pair with any of the other four colors listed.  You can't go wrong with grey; it's a clean, modern, and masculine, but like black, look for pieces that have interest, texture, and depth. 


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Black is self-explanatory and can be safe, but it doesn't have to be. Similar to white, use black as a foundation. If black on black is your thing, go for it, but look for pieces that have texture and depth. Also, you can easy soften black with white and warm hues of grey or use brights for a pop of color. Black is a color that compliments everyone's skin tone but be careful of looking morbid and dreary.


Contrary to the belief of most, white is okay for year round. So, don't listen to the old rule of "NO white after Labor Day"; we're breaking that rule! White continues to be a color that many men find hard to pull off, especially in cooler months. In those months, choose a white that's slightly on the cream side (known as winter white), and pair it with heavier weight fabrics and darker tones. In the Spring/Summer months, pair white with soft pastels and brights, but avoid adding multiple colors, keep it to a minimum of two or three (at most) - white should be the foundation. 


The quintessential menswear color is navy, but surprisingly a color that's not often used unless it's in denim or suiting. Navy can often read as black, so pair it with other colors [red, white, or softer hues of blue] to allow the navy to pop. A traditional and timeless shade of blue, navy is versatile and will work with any skin tone. 


Earth Tones
Many people stir away from earth tones because of their muted appearance, but earth tones are one of the most versatile color combinations. These shades of brown, olive green, warm greys, burnt orange, and tan work well with all skin tones. They can be the perfect colors for year round if you choose softer hues and brighten the palette with white. With that said, be mindful of your skin; many of these colors can make you look muted, so ensure you are choosing colors that pop against your skin.


Style is personal, so take these essential colors and make them your own. Are there any other colors palettes that are essential for you? Tweet or comment me below.