5 Must-Have Grooming Gadgets for Men


If you're like me, you're a product and gadget hoarder; we can never have enough and always looking to try the newest products out. There are a ton of grooming electronics on the market right now, some that work and some that don't. Whether you're looking to speed up your morning routine, give your face a deep clean, or just want to look better, these are the top five must-have grooming gadgets you should own because when you look better, you feel better.


As someone who hasn't been to the barbershop in at least 15 years, having my own pair of clippers has come in handy. And with prices increasing to get a fresh cut, it's no surprise that guys are entrusting themselves to cut their own hair. Most clippers today are lightweight and travel easily, has eight different guard lengths and a taper control for fine cutting. If you're a buzz cut guy or someone who needs a slight trim, owning your own clippers will not only be beneficial, but money saving. 

Electric Toothbrush

I'm personally not a fan of electronic toothbrushes, but I've been told countless times how beneficial they are to the overall health of your teeth and gums. Many people opt for these to avoid flossing or damaging their teeth enamel from brushing too hard, but I've found they don't get the job done how I like it. However, the DiamondClean edition of Philips Sonicare has surprised me. It's five cleaning modes offers a customized cleaning experience that leaves your teeth feeling dentist clean and the best to remove plaque and aid in teeth whitening. Electronic toothbrushes also help reduce the chances of gum disease that is commonly caused by brushing incorrectly. 


Men's Micro Pedi

Okay, guys, no one likes hard skin, especially if that hard skin is on your feet. While you can remove it the traditional foot file or pedicure way, having your own Micro Pedi will be time saving and more effective. The Micro Pedi is like a sander; its mineral roller rotates at thirty times a second to remove the hardest of skin, ensuring your heels are polished to perfection.


All-in-One Trimmer

Unwanted hair can be a pain, and while there're options to have laser hair removal, most don't want to go through the pain or pay the cost involved. That's where having an all-in-one trimmer comes in handy. From nose hair to body hairs and beard trimming, having one of these gadgets that are specially designed to remove the unwanted fur are best.


Clarisonic Classic Plus

Add this to the post: 7 Women's Beauty Products Every Man Should Use because this started off as a product solely for women, but as more men started using women's products, brands started crossing over, recreating products to be male-friendly. Clarisonic launched this black, guy-friendly version of their sonic skin-buffing brush and it easily became one of the brand's most popular items. The sonic skin-buffing brush is effective at removing dead skin cells and helps to boost circulation to the surface of the skin. I found it to be best for my facial hair, the brush’s bristles reach beneath the hair to remove dry skin and prevent painful ingrown hairs.



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