5 Pieces You Can Wear All Year Round

New season, new wardrobe! Right? That's what a lot of bloggers what you to believe, but I'm here to tell you; you don't need to buy a new wardrobe every season. Not only is the idea outdated; it's irresponsible. And as we head into the later part of Fall, the weather is still humid, which means you can extend your Summer wardrobe. 

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In the past, I would pack away seasonal items because it didn't make sense to wear a sweater in July or a t-shirt in November, but climate change is real, and it's changing up how I approach dressing throughout the year. Layers have become even more significant, and the best way to maximize your current wardrobe; to help you steer through the seasons and your current wardrobe, here are five pieces that you can wear year round. 


I'm honestly not a fan of t-shirts as a stand-alone piece—even in the Summer. T-Shirts are perfect for layering under a foundation piece—woven, sweater, blazer or jacket, and can they can easily update your look when you add one in a pop of color. To make this look work, grab a t-shirt in a contrasting color, for example, pink under a grey sweater or yellow under a navy woven. 


Overcoat // H&M -- Woven // Uniqlo (similar) -- T-Shirt // Forever21 --Denim // H&M -- Boots // Zara (Similar)

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a staple in my wardrobe; I wear one throughout the year as an outerwear piece for colder nights in the Summer to a mid-layering texture in the Fall/Winter. Denim jackets are no longer just outerwear pieces, it's a wardrobe must-have. Try adding a denim jacket under an overcoat or layered over a hoodie or turtleneck.


Overcoat // Calvin Klein -- Denim Jacket // Gap -- Denim Jeans // H&M 

White Denim

There's an old myth that says, 'you can't wear white after Labor Day,' but as I said before, they're wrong! White is the perfect contrast to the darker palette we see this time of year; it pairs flawlessly with overcoats and leather jacket and gives a modern-classic appeal to your wardrobe. If you're going to wear white denim, keep it crispy, clean, and fitted and pair it with a dark-contrasting color or light-tonal color.


Overcoat // Topman (Similar) -- Sweater // Uniqlo -- Denim Jeans // ASOS -- Boots // ASOS

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a classic menswear shirt, but over the years we've seen a decrease in their popularity. However, we're slowly seeing them come back, and like t-shirts, they're a great transition piece that can be layered under anything from blazers to wovens. Because polos come in a variety of fabrics, pay attention to what you're laying—cotton piqué is best to transition you throughout the year.  


Cardigan // Uniqlo -- Polo // Uniqlo (Similar) -- Pants // Bar III -- Sneakers // UUNOWN

Cropped Trousers

I loved cropped trousers, and have no plans of giving them up because the weather is getting colder, but wearing your ankles out in December is unacceptable, especially in New York. The simple solution—put a pair of socks on! And not dress socks (smart socks), athletic socks—you know, the ones you're saving for the gym. Because athleisure sportswear is dominating, the combination of cropped trousers and athletic socks will just—work. 


Sweater // H&M -- Cropped Trousers // ASOS -- Shoes // ASOS (Similar)

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