5 Reasons You Have Nothing to Wear


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Your hangers are full of shirts and denim you never wear and draws full of items you can't seem to piece together. The truth is, you have a closet full of the wrong pieces; this is why you feel like you have nothing to wear. As someone who has been there before, the problem isn't with you or your sense of style; rather, your shopping habits and impulses to shop without a plan that's keeping you from your wardrobe goals

Let's think about it: do you buy based off of trends? Snag items just because you like them? Dabble in emotional spending? If so, this could be why you have so much, but don't know what to do with it. Well, I'm here to help! Here are five reasons you have nothing to wear, and how to fix them to create a wardrobe you love. 

1. No plan

Shopping with a plan may seem unnecessary, but when you go in without one, you're going to pick out items simply because you like them, rather than buy things that will elevate your wardrobe and style. Impulse buying is just as bad for your pockets as it is for your wardrobe; you'll be buying items that you may already own or pieces you can't mix-and-match to anything. Shopping with a plan will ensure you get the best use out of your money and clothing.

Solution: Before you head out to shop think: "Will this go with three-to-four items I currently own?" "Does this fit with my style?" "Will this elevate my wardrobe?" If you can't answer these questions, chances are the items aren't right for you. 

2. Uninspired

Inspiration is all around us, in everything we see. But many of us feel uninspired, especially when it comes to our style and wardrobe. As we saw from the Elle challenge, if you have more than nine items in your closet, you have more than enough to wear. The issue is, you've run out of ideas and ways to combine your pieces; this is an easy fix. 

Solution: Head over to Pinterest and create an inspiration board. Find your favorite bloggers and style influencers, and add your ideal looks to this board. With this, you don't want to copy their looks but gain inspiration on how you can style and pull looks together. Also, look around outdoors. Visit parks and museums; you'll get a lot of color and print inspiration from natural elements and art.

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3. Too many trends, not enough basics

Trends are fun; it's what keeps your wardrobe current and fresh, but having too many trends can be the fate of it. Trends should be mixed-and-matched with your foundation pieces, and if you have a wardrobe that's based on them alone, you'll have a wardrobe that will be ready to expire in months.

Solution: So, how do you make trend pieces work? You create a wardrobe that's based on essential items and inject trends into your current aesthetic. A closet that's full of essentials is always on my mind when I shopping, and when I'm looking for basic items I head to Express; they've created the perfect balance of fashion and essentials.


4. Nothing fits properly

The fit of your clothes could be the reason you have nothing to wear. Everyone goes up and down in weight, and if you're holding on to something waiting to be a perfect size, it will sit in your closet and taunt you. Also, the jeans you've been holding onto since you were 18, it's time to get rid of them—they're reminding you of the past, and being stuck in the past will have you and your wardrobe stagnant.

Solution: It's time to go through your closet and thoroughly inspect each items asking yourself: "does this fit me right NOW?" If it does, get rid of it. Only keep clothing that fits you right now, not pieces you want to fit in 6 months or next year. Also, when you're shopping, buy clothing that fits for your current body type; there will be items you want to keep, and if you decide to do so, invest in a tailor to adjust.

5. You haven't defined your personal style

Knowing your personal style is key to having a wardrobe that always works for you. Until you have a clear understanding of your aesthetic, you'll be buying items that don't fit your personality or lifestyle. If you've had a lifestyle or career change, it may also be time to redefine your style.

Solution: Take time to define who you are and what your style aesthetic is. Finding inspiration will help you do this, but I've also created a 30-day style challenge that will help you perfect your style, as well as help you filter through your current wardrobe and establish a new one. 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Express; all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the site.


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