5 Steps to Find Inspiration Daily


So, what happens when your daily routine becomes stagnant and repetitive? You do the same thing day after day with zero fulfillment; you hate your job but stick around because well, you need your job. When you're a creative spirit, you need stimulation; something that keeps you inspired, but how do you find inspiration in your daily routine? If you look, inspiration is all around; sometimes it takes getting out of your routine and keeping your eyes open.

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Now doing freelance work, I find myself stuck behind the computer for hours on end writing and editing, and sometimes I'm yearning for inspiration. It's easy to feel uninspired, especially when you're not surrounded by other [creative] people, but I've discovered five ways you can find inspiration daily, and I'm sharing them with you below

Take a Trip

Disrupt your surroundings and habits. Get out of your office and your home, and explore the world; take a trip to another country or another state. I always get the greatest inspiration when I explore a different culture; get into their lifestyle, food, and fashion.


If you're not able to get on a plane or train—get in your car and explore. Take a trip to a museum or park you've never been too. It's about disrupting your daily routine and habits; you gain the greatest inspiration in a change of scenery—embrace it!

Create a Vision Board

I'm a big proponent of having a vision for your life. Many times we're just going with the flow and hoping things work out. Get clear about what you want your life to look like, and begin by creating a vision board for yourself. Grab old magazines and cut out everything that gets your attention; choose words and images that inspire you and make you feel good. If you don't have the means to buy the supplies, create a digital vision board; sites like Pinterest and Canva allow you to create digital boards that you can access through your phone or PC.

In the past, I had multiple boards and journals; now I am using this Passion Planner that has a roadmap for each of my goals for the year. As I plan my day and month, I'm able to see the roadmap to my vision and the steps I need to take to achieve it. If you're trying to jumpstart your vision and a traditional journal isn't working, grab a Passion Planner!

Read, Listen, and See

As someone who doesn't have a tribe or yet surrounded by the insiders, I like to pull inspiration from them. Many of those who we are inspired by have podcasts or books, and I like to listen to and read them daily. You can find inspiration in the simplest things and by the story of others, so read and listen to what they're saying. Also, read a new book or listen to music from someone you've never heard of. Similar to taking a trip; get out of your house and do something you've never done before. Inspiration is all around you—be open to it.


Get Back to You

Have you ever watched children play and notice how their imagination just runs rampant? What did you enjoy doing most when you were a kid? Get back to that! It may seem juvenile to do some of the things you did as a child, but I will tell you; it will bring you back to a place where you were able to be clear. As children, you don't notice how much inspiration is around you. When you have clarity, you're able to soak up the inspiration that's around.

Plan Daily Creative Sessions

Our days are hectic, and our minds are full with what needs to get done, and how we need to do it. Allow yourself time to brain dump; set aside [quiet] time to write down all your ideas and the strategies you need to create to bring them to fruition. Visually seeing your goals written down will help you get motivated and inspired.

It's important to keep things and people around who inspire you daily. And for some that will not be easy, but it's doable even if you're on your journey alone. What are some of the things that bring you inspiration? I'd love to hear about them, share it with me below or tweet me! Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.

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