5 Ways to Wear a Black Suit


Suit // Calvin Klein

Suiting is essential in menswear, and the go-to for many men is black. While black can be boring, it's the most practical, and since suits are the costliest item most buy, it's important to get the most cost-per-wear. When purchasing suits, fit and fabric will always be the first choice, and the better the fabric and tailoring, the higher the cost. Because of that, I'm showing you 5-ways you can wear one black suit that will take you through every event. Watch below and if you haven't already, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. 


Look 1:
Suit // Calvin Klein
Woven // Zara
Tie // H&M
Footwear // Steve Madden

Look 2:
Woven // Calvin Klein
Footwear // ASOS

Look 3:
Polo // H&M
Footwear // UNNOWN

Look 4:
Sweater // J.Crew (similar)
Denim Jacket // Gap
Footwear // adidas

Look 5:
Denim // Zara
T-Shirt // H&M
Hat // H&M
Footwear // Converse