7 Common Style Mistakes to Avoid


Style is relative and what I deem as style may be something you're not into. However, there are a few mistakes many men are making that isn't a good look for anyone. Don't be that guy with an ill-fitting suit or unironed shirt again, these are 7 of the most common style mistakes to avoid. 

Wear clothes that fit

Fit is the most important thing to consider. Having the wrong fit will throw your look off completely, and I've talked about that endlessly here on the site. Well-fitted clothing is more flattering no matter your body type. 

Avoid Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

Probably a pet-peeve of mine is short sleeved dress shirts. Now, these are different than short sleeve wovens/button-downs. If you want to stay looking professional and polished, stick to long-sleeve dress shirts. If you become too hot or want a more casual look, properly roll the sleeves. 

Stop Wearing Cargo Shorts

If you're over the age of 21, I think it's time to give up the cargo shorts. Yes, it took me awhile to catch on to this too, but cargo shorts are juvenile and a little too backyard BBQ. Instead, wear a flat front chino short, you'll look more sophisticated and pulled together. 

Pleated Pants Aren't Flattering

Pleated pants are not flattering on anyone; they add unnecessary bulk to your midsection, and no one wants that. My recommendation is to opt for a flat front pant.


Pants Shouldn't Drag

A small break in your pants is okay, but your pants should come down to hit the top of your shoe and not the floor. In today's fashion trends many pants are intentionally shorter or cuffed, this is okay, but your pants should never be baggy. If you're rocking the oversized trend, you should be following the same rules.

Press Your Clothing

Ironed clothing should be a given, but I see so many men with wrinkled clothing, especially heading into the office. To avoid this, always hang up your clothing and press or steam them the night before. 

Don't be a Billboard

Avoid clothing that makes you look like a walking advertisement or billboard. Some accessories in a monogram print are okay, but wearing excessively branded clothing is never okay unless you're getting paid to do so.