7-Ways You Can Deal with Rejection


Rejection is a tough part of life that we'll all face countless times. Whether you were passed up for a promotion, didn't receive a job offer, or turned down on a date, the emotions that's associated with rejection are painful and many times result in anger and fear. 

From being the last to be picked during gym time to being passed up for countless promotions, I've personally faced rejection and quickly learned the pain that comes along with it and the fear that follows. As I began to approach new obstacles and opportunities, the fear of rejection began to surface, and it held me back for going after the things I wanted. Over time I learned, the more you put yourself out there and go after bigger opportunities (or new relationships, etc) the bigger chance there is of being rejected. But should this stop you from going after what you want? Absolutely not! Knowing the right way to deal with rejection can be the key to bringing awareness and peace into your life, and below are seven ways you can deal with rejection. 


Acknowledge Your Emotions

One of the most important ways to deal with rejection is to acknowledge the emotion that you're feeling. Rather than suppress or ignore your emotions, come to terms with it and understand why you're disappointed, sad, discouraged, or embarrassed. Many times we try to mask the pain with "it's no big deal," but this will only prolong the pain. Instead, face it head on. 

Don't Let it Define You

Keep this motto in mind, "what someone else thinks of me is none of my business," and this will carry you throughout many different situations in your life. When it comes to rejection, it's important to understand that one person's opinion does not define who you are. If a company doesn't offer you an opportunity or you're rejected by a love, don't deem yourself as incompetent or unloveable - it's further from the truth. Work to remove the idea that your self-worth depends on the value of someone else's opinion. 


Treat Yourself with Compassion

Compassion is a trait many of us lack today, especially on social media. And if we're treating others with no compassion, we're treating ourselves the same way. It's about drowning out the noise of your inner negative voice with positive affirmations. Beating yourself will only keep you down, so change your thinking and the way you talk to yourself. 

Learn From Rejection

There's no success without failure, and while rejection isn't a failure, it can be a step back and a chance for you to learn from it. Use this opportunity to learn about yourself and recognize that being turned down isn't as terrible as you imagined. Understand the emotion that you're feeling, but don't sit in it; work through it and ask yourself, "what can I learn about myself from this?" - use it as an opportunity for self-growth and to become stronger for the next opportunity. 

Get Back Up

Defeat is another emotion associated with rejection that is steamed by fear, but rejection doesn't mean you've been defeated. If one opportunity doesn't work itself out, get back up and go after the next one. Don't waste time trying to convince someone why you shouldn't be turned down, instead use that energy to prove to the next why you're the best. 

Don't Take it Personally

We have to stop taking everything personally. I've been guilty of this over and over, but when you understand that most situations aren't about you, it's easier to move along. Rejection doesn't mean someone is against you or that you're unliked, but something that's less personal. Taking things personally, especially rejection, can cut at your self-esteem and the best way to get over that is see where the problem is - and it's not with you. 


Rejection isn't Always Bad

Rejection or receiving a no isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, that rejection or no is what you needed to push yourself to go after that next opportunity with more energy. Also, understand that if something is for you, it will be yours

We're all going to face rejection, but it's important to know that it doesn't define who you are. When you understand this and use these tools when faced with it, you'll be able to defeat the emotions associated and go after every opportunity with greater enthusiasm. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.