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Unhealthy Habits to Let Go of Right Now

Habits become hard to break once they become routine because they keep you from re-inventing the wheel in your daily life; however, these same [bad] habits can land you down the rabbit hole of doing things that keep you from being productive and successful. So, if you, like me, are holding onto these five unhealthy habits, here is how you can break each.

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3 Things I'm Learning to Let Go Of

A combination of fear, self-worth, and readiness has kept me behind, but I'm learning more-and-more; to get where I want to be, I have to let go of the things that are holding back. Here’s three things I'm learning to let go of to live the life that is intended for me, and how you can let go of them as well.

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3 Outfits Inspired by Spirituality

Fashion at its core is about invoking an emotional feeling, and when you express your emotions through style, it's you connecting to your inner spirit.

Here are three looks inspired by spirituality.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Mood Instantly

It is my wish that these quick tips guide you through your days, especially those days that are a bit more difficult than others. Here are five ways to improve your mood instantly.

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How to get Better Sleep when You're Stressed

Whether it be your hectic schedule, your workload, or personal stress keeping you up at night, it can be worked through with one or all of these seven nightly routines.

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The Anxiety we Share

Getting my mom to share a small part of her story was not easy, as I mentioned, she is over-protective of me and [our] family, but our goal is to share how we're working together to grow individually, together, and break this cycle. Here are three ways we're doing it.

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