All Black Distressed Sweater + Oversized Overcoat


Overcoat // Calvin Klein -- Sweater // Entree LS (Similar: Here and Here) -- Pants // H&M (Similar: Love These and This) -- Sneakers // Vans -- Hat // Zara (Similar: Here) -- Rings // ASOS

Happy Wednesday, guys! The inspiration behind this look is from this week's current events. I honestly felt a little sad and dark when I shot this, hence the all black. As you know, black is one of my go-to colors, so it fit right in. I got this sweater a few months back and realized I've never worn it or featured it on the site. I thought that it would pair perfectly with these cropped trousers and one of my favorite coats—this oversized overcoat; I decided to play with the coat and roll the sleeves. That's what style is all about; expressing yourself through fashion and making things your own. We have a long road ahead of us, but we must remain positive and see the light in such a dark situation. Sending you all positive vibes!

On another note, I had a really cool experience to speak on my first panel this week. Here’s a message I shared on my Facebook

In 2002, right before graduating high school, I was told by my chemistry teacher "I'd never make it in the real word." In 2005 when I decided to reenroll in college to study fashion I was told, "I should reconsider because I knew nothing about fashion." In 2012 I decided to leave my "dream job" because I was told,"I wasn't good enough for the position." Today I had the opportunity to speak on a panel at that very school I reenrolled (and graduated from) about my 11 years of experience in fashion... Never allow someone to define who you are; you will have days when you question yourself, cry and stop believing in your goals, and want to give up, but always come back to why you started and remember that this is all bigger than you. Today was bigger than me, it was about connecting with that one person who was near tears and wanted to give up, and the only thing I could do was tell her my story in hopes of inspiring her not to give up. This is not even the beginning of the work I want to do, but I know (and believe) I'm planting the seeds for bigger things. Guys, believe and love yourself; everything you want is out there, just get up and do the work! Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.



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