All White + Navy Creepers


L/S Woven // Zara -- Denim // Topman -- Creepers // Zara (old) -- Chocker // Basic Bandana

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been rather absent on both social media and the site. While this was unplanned, it was needed. About two weeks ago, my family and I got the shock of my father being admitted to the hospital after suffering multiple mini strokes (he’s thankfully doing better and has since been released), but this was not only a wake-up call in terms of health but overall well-being. Far too often we take things for granted, find compliance in our comfort zone, and wonder why we feel stuck, confused, and question why things aren’t happening. I’m used to having control over situations and admittedly make decisions based on the desired outcome; extremely unhealthy I know. But sitting in a hospital room completely out of control of the situation or the outcome made me understand and realize why I was doing this and how I can stop doing it, and the only way to stop is to give up control. Giving up control means I can live - live freely to feel every aspect of life - the fear, the pain, the joy, and the happiness. This understanding made me sit back and reanalyze everything I was doing and in those days I knew it was time to refocus, rebrand, repurpose, and return to me.  


This couldn’t have happened at a better time. As I approach my 32nd birthday and second year of, it’s time to let go of the compliance and start taking myself and my career seriously. Now, I’ve always taken my goals and dreams seriously, but I haven’t respected the process and the work; there’s a difference, and that fine-line has held me back. When I first started in this business, it was an easy start compared to most, but as I work to take things to a different level, there’s work involved - work that involves pushing myself to levels of discomfort. It’s funny, as I read my post that I posted one year ago [today], I was in a similar place; taking a break to regain focus and push my content and work. I believe in the year I did that, but I know it can get better, and I can be better. For me, birthdays have become less about the turn-up and more about the rebirth; over the past few years some life changing situations have happened around my birthday that has pushed me to be better and do better, and I believe this is for a reason - a reason I have yet to determine.

I’m not going to outline and share what I have planned because from here on out, it’s less talking and more working. I am more determined than ever to change things not only for myself but for you - my readers. I have to thank you for sticking with me throughout my growth and if you’re new here, thank you for checking me out; I hope me sharing this journey has inspired you to make changes and go after your own goals and dreams, in style of course. So, here’s to another year! CHEERS! Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.