Hello Fall! Apple and Pumpkin Picking at Delicious Orchards


The leaves begin to change and the cool, crisp air hits your face. It's that time of year (my favorite) where it's all about continuing and creating family traditions. For my family, Fall means fresh baked goods, apple, and pumpkin picking, and spending time together. As we do every year since I was little, we headed down to South Jersey to one of my favorite orchards; Eastmont Orchards.

Eastmont Orchards has been owned by the Barclay family since 1923 and have been keeping the family tradition of offering pumpkin, apples, and peaches for picking in the Fall. The grounds span across acres and acres of open land; entry to the farm is FREE and plastic bags are provided for FREE as well. I must admit, as we pull into the parking area I always feel like a little kid, ready to run wild and pick every apple that's hanging from the trees. The grounds are beautiful; the pumpkin area is filled with pumpkins of every size and the apple trees are neatly lined in two separate areas, each with a sign to tell you which apples you are picking. 


The great thing about this particular farm is you pay for what you pick. The pricing is slightly higher than a grocery store, but you can not beat the freshness of the apples, and trust me, when you bite into one you'll be able to tell the difference! Before we head home, we ALWAYS stop at the grocery store that is owned by the same family; Delicious Orchards. They are a gourmet grocery store specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh baked goods (get one of everything, TRUST ME). 


I always look forward to this time of year; the memories that have been and continue to be created mean so much to me. Now it's time to start gearing up for the holidays!

What are some of your favorite family traditions? I'd love to hear about them; share them with me below or tweet me!