Bevel Shave System Review


I, like many men, suffer from problematic skin. I've made it no secret here on the site and have shared my struggle to find products that help and not make the situation worse. While I found the products to combat my sensitivity and oily skin, I've never been able to find shave products that prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation, until now. 

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I heard about Bevel on Twitter and before buying, I read many reviews about the success others were having. Somewhat skeptical, I decided to order it. When the shipment arrived, I did not expect the quality and detail that would be just in the packaging. Bevel is a complete 5-part shave system, so you'll receive everything you need. 

What you get:

  • Double Edge Safety Razor (60 Single Blade Safety Razors)

  • 2 Oz Priming Oil

  • 3.4 Oz Shave Cream

  • 3.4 Oz Restoring Balm

  • Badger Brush


Upon opening the packaging, the first thing you'll notice is the quality of the double edge safety razor. The safety razor is made up of three parts: the handle and the razor head (that separates into two parts). The handle unscrews from the razor head, and the razor blade is inserted into the separation of the razor head; see below. Next up the products. 

  • Priming Oil - Designed to moisturize the skin and create a smooth surface.

  • Badger Brush - Lifts the hair while gently exfoliating the skin.

  • Shave Cream - Creates a lather between the skin and blade while hydrating and moisturizing the skin and enhancing protection.

  • Restoring Balm - Providing additional moisture. Soothes and calms irritated skin


How to Use:

If you are unfamiliar with a straight edge razor or single blade, don't fret. The kit includes a step-by-step guide to shaving properly with this system. 

  • Shower and cleanse face with warm water; pat dry.

  • Apple a nickel size amount of priming oil

  • Drench badger brush in lukewarm water for 20 seconds; shake off excess

  • Apple a nickel size amount of shave cream; work up later in bowl or directly on face

  • Shave at a 30-degree angle with the grain

  • Rinse with cool water; pat dry

  • Apple a nickel size amount of restoring balm

It is recommended to shave daily or every other day.

The results:

The initial shave with the system was surprising. While I did not suffer any razor irritation immediately, I did the next day. Slightly annoyed by that, I contacted Bevel to find out why. They mentioned I was shaving against the grain in problem areas and should carefully map out my growth pattern. I gave the system another try, and the same thing happened. After contacting them again, I realized I was shaving wrong.

Mapping out your growth pattern is essential to having success with the system and avoiding irritation. I've used both a straight razor and single blade razor before and did not like the results; it did more damage to my skin than an over-the-counter razor, but the Bevel system is improving the look and feel of my skin. While I still have a small area that I'd like to clear up, I am happy with the results. 

The system is available at Target for $69.99.