Breakfast Toast 3 Ways [Gluten-free and Vegan-Friendly]


The struggle to changing my eating habits continues (le sigh), and I'm finding that breakfast options seem to be the hardest. As someone who is gluten-free, my options are sometimes limited, but after some trial and error breakfast toast is easily becoming my go-to. I wake up early and need options that are quick and easy; these three toast options are not only that, they're gluten-free and vegan-friendly! 


1. Vegan Cream Cheese and Strawberries - I've never been big on cream cheese, but this vegan option is so yummy! Slightly thicker than the dairy option, I like to add a berry to soften the texture and add sweetness; top with almonds and coconut flakes for added crunch and texture.


2. Peanut Butter and Banana - The good ol Elvis option of peanut butter and banana will never get old. I love peanut butter that is all natural, and if you haven't tried Smucker's All Natural - you must, it's the only brand I use; I like to top this with ground flax seed for additional fiber.


3. Avocado with Pepper Flakes - The most popular of these options is adding avocado. I can't get enough of avocado, especially on toast; the creaminess against the crunchy toast is kick your feet good! Add some sea salt and pepper flakes for added flavor and spice.

What are some of your favorite breakfast and toast options?