Fall's Most Wanted Grooming Products



Guys, can you believe that we're two months into 2018. Why is the year flying by AGAIN? I feel like I was just planning my Summer trip to Italy, and now we're already planning this year's trip. But between going back to work, getting accustomed to a new routine, and FINALLY going back to the gym, my skin has broken out and become dry with tons of irritation. So, I gathered up my favorite grooming products, and I'm getting back to the basics to get my skin back in order. Keep scrolling to see Fall's most wanted grooming products.

I. Shea Moisture African Black Soap

Benefits - Balances oily skin while cleansing and hydrating; Vitamin E acts as antioxidant and protects the skin from additional irritation and breakouts. 
How it's helped me - Cleared blemishes and acne


II. Bevel Trimmer

Benefits - Offers a clean shave with minimal razor irritation. Ideal for anyone with [extremely] sensitive skin and those who suffer from razor bumps. 
How it's helped me - Elemented my razor bumps

III. The Body Shop Tea Tree Serum

Benefits - Clears breakouts and improves skins overall health. 
How it's helped me - Helped clear acne, moisturized and smoothed, and reduced redness.

IV. Scrub Pad

Benefits - Scrubs away dirt and dead skins cells without scratching the top layer of your skin.
How it's helped me - Helped removed my blemishes faster and prevent any additional from appearing. 


V. Bevel Aftershave 

Benefits - Prevents razors bumps and skin irritation after shaving; restores skin to keep it smooth and clear. 
How it's helped me - Elemented my razor bumps completely and helped reduced skin irritation.  

VI. Lip scrub - homemade

Benefits - Removes dead skin, restores, and moisturizes chapped and dried lips. 
How it's helped me - Restored my lips and stopped all dryness while keeping them moisturized. 

VII. Cucumber Toner

Benefits - Balances oily skin, tightens pores and leaves skin refreshed and smooth. 
How it's helped me - Helps reduce my oily skin throughout the day and protects against acne and large pores. 

What are your favorite go-to products? Did any of them make the list? Le me know in the comments below!

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