Getting My Voice Back


Heading into 2017 I wrote about The Five Things I Learned as a Blogger, and while I adjusted the way I went about achieving my goals, I didn't  change how I blogged. For the longest time, I stuck to a schedule of putting out three posts a week because I felt this is what I needed to do to stay consistent and competitive. But while doing this, I felt uninspired, lost, and questioned everything I put out—I look at some of my older posts and cringe. I wasn't proud of the content I was creating, and that was killing my creativity!

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Here's the thing, blogging should not only be useful, it should tell a story; my story got lost. While in the gym a few days ago something clicked and in that moment I knew I had to get my voice back. I want the content on the site to be personal, to tell a story that many can relate to while also being useful, fun, and creative. Yes, the content will still be fashion, lifestyle, and spirituality, but I want it to have a connection that's deeper than words and "how to's." I will continue to give you the tips and tricks that I use daily, but I want to give you a sneak peek into what goes on daily in my life, in my head, and all around me. Authenticity has and will always be key in everything I do, and when I feel like something isn't authentic to who I am or who I'm building to be, I must change it. So, what am I doing to get it back? It’s easy, I’m just getting back to the core of who I am and sharing those pieces with you.

One of my goals go forward is to connect with you guys on a deeper, more personal level, and to share the good, bad, and ugly... Happy Monday, Guys! Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.

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