Day One Journal -Gratitude Journal


As someone always looking for inspiration, I turned to myself and gratitude as an inspiration to grow as an individual. With social media and the idea I believe it creates [mass material consumption, false sense of self, and the list could go on], I needed an app that allowed for only positivity. I first discovered gratitude journals about a year ago when I was going through a pivotal transformation in my life. Becoming consumed with everything that wasn't going right, I was recommended to keep a gratitude journal. Not fully understanding or knowing what that meant, I did a little research. While researching I stumbled on Oprah's Lifeclass where she talks about the importance of journaling and how it can transform your life, so I began keeping my own written journal. 

I ended my week doing a journal entry of 5 things I was grateful for from the previous week. This allowed me to reflect on my week and focus on all the good that happened and everything I was truly grateful for. Doing this completely changed my outlook on everything around me. When I focused on the smallest acts of kindness or treating myself to a cup of coffee, I realized I had so much to be thankful for. When I focused on what I had and not on what was missing or going wrong, my thoughts changed and everything around me began to change. Let me say this; it's not easy-it will take daily practice and patience, but in the end, it will be worth it. 

After keeping my written journal for some time, I wanted something that was accessible to me daily and would limit my time on social media; that's when I came across Day One. Day One is an online journal that allows you to capture events as they happen. With my phone always being in my hand (who's isn't!?), I am able to capture something I am grateful for in that moment and write a quick note about it. Life is happening all around us and when you take a second to focus on something so small and are able to capture it; it gives you the ability to revisit that thought and moment later on. Doing this creates a universal circle of focusing on what you have, because if you focus on what you do not have, you will never have enough. Day One is not intended to be a gratitude journal, but I have used it for that and I absolutely love it! I highly recommend keeping a gratitude journal and if you are looking for something that is always accessible and gives you the option to filter by event, time, and location; Day One is it. 

Day One is available in the APP Store for $1.99 & MacBook for $9.99 & can sync to all devices. Read more about it on