Minimal Grey

After spending seven days in Italy, it's back to reality and back to pushing out content. While away, I honestly missed creating and thought a lot about what I want to do and how I want my career to evolve. What I also realized is that we work too damn hard before we begin to live our lives. I met so many people from around the world who were on holiday for weeks without even thinking about work—just enjoying the moment and connecting with others, that's the goal.


Shirt // H&M -- Pants // Topman (Try these or these) -- Sneakers // adidas


Shirt // H&M -- Pants // Topman (Try these or these) -- Sneakers // adidas

As I get older, the need for simplicity is glaring—I have too much stuff and do way too much. I've always had a minimal aesthetic, but after spending time in Europe, I'm inspired and appreciate the simplicity and minimalism of everything. From the food to style, everything is about less, and here we are surrounded by excess. My look this week reflects that—clean, simple, and minimal. I played photographer for a friend, and while on location for her shoot decided to shoot this look overlooking the city; it served as the perfect backdrop because NYC will always be my first source of inspiration. 


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