Grooming Products to Add to Your Fall Line Up


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The best grooming lessons I've learned have come from trial and error. And over time, I've learned that your routine will be different in the warmer months vs. the colder ones. And as we approach the Fall and Winter I'm beginning to switch my routine over to a Fall routine, and that's simply because your skin needs different treatment during these months. Because of that, I've tested a few new products, and these five will be a part of my Fall grooming routine; here's why you need to add them to yours. 

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

I started using this facial cleanser in early August, and it's one of the best gentle cleansers I've used. It works to cleanse the skin without overdrying or leaving any residue. I found that my skin reacts better when I use a textured brush or pad, so I've used this cleanser with a charcoal cleansing pad. The combination of the two deeply cleans your pores, removes blackheads, and helps to control breakouts. 


Thayer Witch Hazel

Alcohol-free witch hazel needs to be a staple in everyone's routine because it soothes the skin and calms any redness. I've used Thayer's witch hazel for the past six months, and it's now the only toner I will use because it doesn't cause any irritation and keeps my skin feeling moisturized and smooth. 

Perfect Image Skin Peel

I suffer from hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and have a few acne scars, so after doing some research for an at-home peel, I found Perfect Image. Because I never used a peel, I started with Level1; this peel is professionally formulated with Retinol (vitamin A), Green Tea, and Chamomile extracts. It helps to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and dead skin cells to even your skin tone and overall appearance. I've used the peel once a week for the past two months (skipping two weeks when I went to Italy), and it has completely transformed my skin—it's never looked better. It has lightened my hyperpigmentation and removed my acne scars; to my surprise, it has also helped with my razor irritation. I'll be moving over to Level2 in the next few weeks which is a much stronger formula of Kojic Acid. 

**Use this at your own risk; consult your dermatologist before use. Always test a small area before use. 


Vitamin C Serum

I talked about Vitamin C serum in a past newsletter, and I have to talk about it again because it's the holy trinity of products. Vitamin C combined with weekly skin peels have made my skin clear, and glow to levels it hasn't before. Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that helps to remove dark spots and even out your skin tone; I use it twice daily mixed with an oil-free moisturizer. 


Oil-Free Moisturizer

Self-explanatory is a [good] oil-free moisturizer. Because the winter here in NYC is frigid, and I'm outdoors a lot, a good moisturizer is a must. I avoid anything with a fragrance, so this Cetaphil moisturizer has become my go-to. 


Disclaimer: The post is in partnership with Perfect Image. Perfect Image product featured is c/o brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own; please use products at your own risk. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the site. 

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