Grooming Products You Aren't Using, But Need to


I'm guilty of having ten too many grooming products under the bathroom sink; #bae told me, "no more products until these are gone." Yes, I have that many! I've gone through most of them to toss out the ones that promise to do XYZ, and they've done nothing but take my money—grrr! When it comes to grooming products, I'm a grooming-junkie, always looking for the newest innovations, but you can [easily] be consumed and overwhelmed with them, so I'm sharing with you the nine grooming products you aren't using, but need to. 

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SPF is one of those products most men skip; I tell my dad almost weekly that he needs to apply SPF, and he still doesn't. Moisturizing is important, yes, but alone it does nothing to protect your skin from burning. Few think to combine the two, but it's one of the most important grooming steps and products. SPF not only protects you while at the beach—it protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays that cause fine lines, aging spots, and wrinkles. 

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[Natural] Deodorant

Everyone is using deodorant, and if you aren't, I'm pretty sure you should be. But many of us aren't using a natural one; for so long I avoided trying natural deodorant because I assumed it would do nothing and wouldn't hold me throughout the day. I now recommend everyone change their deodorant to natural because traditional deodorant contains aluminum that is linked to breast cancer. Natural deodorant contains tea tree oil, baking soda, witch hazel, and many other natural ingredients that help block sweat and odor; if you're worried about it holding you throughout the day, it will—it held me better than traditional ones. 

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Nose/Ear Trimmer

Am I the only one who hates nose and ear hair? Being Italian and over 30, I'm now developing it, and I find it disturbing, so I had to invest in a nose and ear trimmer. A trimmer that is dedicated for those black curly hairs is a must, and if you haven't noticed the hairs on you, take a closer look in the mirror—get rid of em!

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Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Moisturizing is important to help avoid your skin from aging, but it's not enough. If you're trying to avoid fine lines and wrinkles, target the area with a moisturizing-rice cream or gel (gel tightens your skin quicker). Most men feel they don't need this and avoid it, but it's one of those products that will have you waking up bright-eyed. 

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Vitamin C Serum

Similar to anti-aging creams, Vitamin C is another product most men either avoid or feel they don't need. I recently started using Vitamin C, and it helped lighten my dark spots, as well as even out my skin tone. Different than moisturizers, serums are able to penetrate much deeper and target dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

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Toners are one of those products that are hit-or-miss; some can dry your skin, and others do nothing to improve it. However, finding a good toner that is right for your skin type can vastly improve it. Toner can help close pores and add a layer of protection between your skin and moisturizer. Also, if you suffer from ingrown hairs, a toner that contains glycolic or other alpha hydroxy acids can help eliminate them. 

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Lip Balm

I have a thing for lip balm; I have one in just about every bag, pocket, and room. I rarely see men using them, but it's one of those products everyone should be using—guys included. As you go about your day, a good lip balm can save your lips from becoming chapped, cracked, or dark; always use a one that contains SPF. 

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[Natural] Body Wash

Like natural deodorant, natural body wash contains ingredients that are free of toxins and chemicals. Research has shown that putting harsh chemicals on your body can be worse than actually eating them; this is because chemicals are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream without any filters that would happen if the toxins went through the digestive system. As I finish up existing products, I'm changing them to a natural equivalent and recommend you do the same. 

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Overnight Mask or Peel

I've spoken about the importance of masks countless times, and if you're still avoiding them or don't have time to slather them on at night, an overnight mask or peel may be your go-to. Overnight masks and peels are formulated to be applied in a thin layer before going to bed; it works while you sleep and [easily] washes away in the morning. 

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If you're like me and love grooming products or the complete opposite and hate them, don't worry, these products can be your daily go-to. Just remember to [actually] use them, and if it adds too much time to your morning routine, just don't do it.


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