Holiday Decorating Tips for Guys


Decorating is not a thing men want to do; stereotypically we build things, and well, build things some more. And while decorating may be out of character for some; during the holidays we carry the responsibility of decorating the house and transforming the ordinary into Clark Griswold's home. But if you live alone, making your space festive can help ring in the holiday spirit while remaining masculine. In this guide, I'll give you the five things you'll need to decorate your space and keep it masculine and merry. 

Wine Rack/ Liquor Display

Wine racks and a solid liquor display shows complete sophistication and class, and when it comes to having guest over you should have an array of drinks to offer. A wine rack should show your dedication to having a good time, but as an adult, not a college student. Have stemware that matches and works for every occasion; during the holidays you can easily incorporate festive pieces like novelty wine stoppers and colored glasses. You can also use holiday candy – candy canes, peppermints, colored beads – to add flare without added any additional cost. 



Candles are an easy, budget-friendly way to add holiday glare without breaking a sweat or the bank. Add fragrances throughout your home to welcome guest and get them or yourself in the mood, but be mindful of the scents that will fill the space. In the kitchen and common areas, keep the fragrances light and neutral since you'll be serving food and drinks. In the entryway and bathroom, use festive fragrances – gingerbread, vanilla, Christmas tree – these are usually a crowd pleaser and will remind your guest of grandma's house. 



Lighting sets the mood for everything, holidays included. You can use candles as mentioned above to add light to your space, but if you have the option to add or remove lighting, you should do so. Think of the mood you're trying to achieve; if you want a vibrant, festive space that screams Christmas, add more light to create a space that's bright, but avoid colored lights – white lighting is more sophisticated. If you want to create a romantic feeling, remove light and let the candles create a soft glow.



Wood is a given for masculine spaces. Add a few natural wooden pieces to your decor to break up the traditional decorations. Avoid going oversized with wooden pieces as they can take up useful space and create unwanted bulk in the area. 



A Christmas tree is a given (or whichever symbolic piece based on your beliefs) during this time and the central, most prominent decoration you'll put up during the season. Place your tree so that it's in a position that's visible, but not in the way. Typically, I prefer a real tree to reap the benefits of the smell and overall look, but if this isn't an option for you, an artificial tree will suffice. Keep your decor to a minimum and avoid anything that's glitz and glamor; white lights and ornaments will keep your tree respectable and masculine.



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