How to Beat the Monday Blues

"Once you embrace the concept of following your inborn drive and begin to realize your potential, you better understand why you are so shaped and designed". - Bishop T.D. Jakes

I remember waking up one Monday morning almost in tears because I didn't want to go into the office. The feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and dreading contact with a few coworkers made it almost impossible for me to get out of bed. I was like a lot of people, hitting the snooze button non-stop while I thought about all the fun I had over the weekend. Once on my way, I'd sit on the train, scroll through my social media, and see how many others were dreading Monday just as I was. There were a few who loved and looked forward to Monday, and I always asked myself; why? How could anyone enjoy ending the weekend to return to work? I realized it was because they were doing the work they loved and living life on their terms.

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I thought to myself; what do I need to do to allow myself to feel the same? I paid attention to how I spent my Sunday night and Monday mornings to see what to do differently, and once I realized what I was doing wrong, everything changed. If you're dreading Monday, here are five ways you can start looking forward to it.


Plan ahead

Sunday is the only day I give myself to have "off," meaning I try not to do any work or check social media throughout the day unless it's necessary. I spend Sunday with #bae catching up on quality time, food shopping, and cooking dinner together. Once I wind down for the night, I like to schedule what my goals are for the week, as well as my tasks by day; this helps me know what's coming up for the week and where my time is going. If you're heading into Monday unprepared for the week, you'll spend time trying to figure out what needs to get done and when you should do it. The Passion Planner is my go-to—I schedule everything here and follow it through to my Google Calendar. 

Sunday night is also the time I like to catch up with friends I didn't get to speak with during the week. So, I contact them to see how their week was and to wish them a positive and productive week ahead. 


Every morning I write down five things I'm thankful for, what my intention for the day is, and what I see myself doing. On Monday, I make it a point to sit with that gratitude list so I can feel the gratitude and gratefulness. Very often we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget there is so much to be thankful for. Start your day with this list and see how your perception changes; don't overthink your gratitude, it can be as simple as your cup of coffee to someone making you laugh—nothing is too small. Live in gratitude.


Do what you love

Many of you are dreading Monday because you hate the work you do. If you were doing what you [absolutely] loved and wanted to do, would you hate Monday, or would it be another day of the week? We have been conditioned to believe that we [must] get an education (which I believe in the key to freedom), get a good paying 9 to 5 job, and raise a family; that for most is the American dream, but is this [really] what you want? Are you walking in your purpose and doing the things that you love or following someone else's plan? Listen to your gifts and do what you love.

Snooze you loose

I'm [very] guilty of hitting the snooze button eight-nine-ten times before getting out the bed, but now I set the time I want to wake up (6:30 am), put my phone across the room, and when the alarm goes off, I have no choice but to get up to turn it off. Do this so when you're alarm goes off, you have no choice but to get up and stay up. 



I truly believe that inspiration is all around us, and aside from my gratitude list, I like to listen or read some type of inspiration. You can do this in the form of a podcast, inspirational book, or blog content. Starting your day with both gratitude and inspiration is a sure win for you throughout the day. 

Monday's are going to be the hardest day of the week because we're coming off the weekend where we had time to do what we do. And yes, some Monday's will be harder than others, but following these five tips will help you jumpstart your Monday and kick off your week on a positive step. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.

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