How to Cleanse and Remove Negative Energy



My first experience with cleansing and healing energy was a few years ago when my friend asked if she could do a reading on me. I was skeptical at first, but once she started pulling the cards, they matched my exact mood and [then] current situation. I was shocked and scared by the cards truth. She suggested I go buy a few starter crystals and Palo Santo sticks to cleanse the energy around me, and once I did the cleansing ritual, I immediately felt a shift; this small moment opened me up to a new way of thinking and a new way of life.

I began to explore crystal healing, deepen my meditation practice, and finally get into therapy. Everything around me started to change, and in these moments I began to truly] understand that we are all spirits having a human experience, and we're able to create and shift the energy that is surrounding us. Now, I can honestly say I fall short almost daily, shifting energy is not easy and will take daily practice, but it's possible. Since we're heading into a new season, it's the perfect time to detox and realign your energy; I encourage you to try these five practices to cleanse your aura and begin vibrating higher.

I. Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing is the [easiest] form of energy cleansing. If you're feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths to inhale positive energy and exhale negative energy; while you're doing this, focus on positive thoughts and restoring your body-mind-spirit to a place of peace and tranquility. A practice like this can be done throughout the day, and I tend to give myself moments where I [really] focus on deep breathing to remove negative energy.

II. Music/Dance Party

Music is a saving grace—when the beat hits you—you feel no pain. Throughout cleansing rituals, negative thoughts can [still] persist, but when you're listening to music and combining that with dancing, it's hard for negative thoughts to remain in the forefront of your conscious. If you're feeling low, put on your favorite music (Beyoncé of course), and dance like no one is watching. I promise you, the negative thoughts will leave you instantly; it's hard to focus on the negative when you're having fun, and dancing for your life.


III. Cleanse your [own] negative thoughts

We all having negative thoughts that are lingering around in our minds and while practicing cleansing rituals will help clear them, I believe it's important to also look inward and heal your inner wounds. I encourage you to start paying attention to your thoughts; what are the common things you are focusing on? Are those thoughts true or paranoia?

IV. Smudge cleanse

Sage is another easy and old age practice for clearing negative energy. Through its multi-purpose use, Sage is considered a sacred plant used for cleansing, healing, and ritual ceremonies; it works by stabilizing the energy field, a process that sharpens and enhances your intuition. There are various ways to smudge, and I believe in doing a practice that works best for you and your intentions. To Sage your home, start by setting an intention, light your sage and lightly fan it with a feather until it begins to smoke.

As you walk around your space, allow the smoke to billow up the walls and around the door frames, repeat your intention or mantra as you continue to smudge your home. Finish your cleanse at your front; once you're done, put out the sage stick in an abalone shell. Sage is powerful on its own, but you can add healing crystals into your smudging practice to raise the vibration to a higher level.


V. Meditation

Our thoughts determine how we live our lives, and if you're focusing on negative thoughts, it's easy to allow negativity into it. To clear negative energy daily, try mindful meditation; this will allow you to detach from your thoughts and come back to the moment you're in. Meditation is simple; begin by sitting in a quiet place and focus on what feels good in your senses. Take a few deep long breaths and allow your thoughts to come on your inhale and out through your exhale; continue doing this while focusing on your breathing until your thoughts become clear; this peacefulness is in you beneath all the mind clutter.

These rituals are easy to incorporate into your daily life and with practice, you'll be able to remove negative energy from your mind and aura. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.


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