How to Create a Home-office on a Budget


I've been sharing a few BTS of my move, and I'm finally getting setup in my new place, and I love that I now have room to create an entire office. We're in a two bedroom, and our second bedroom is acting as our walk-in closet/office space, so I'm treating this like a private showroom. Having a dedicated space to create and write allows me to stay focused and away from distractions. I'm extremely organized and hate clutter, so when we started to create this space, I had to make sure I kept it clean and minimal. To help you create a home office on a budget and with minimum space, I'm sharing with you the five things I did to create mine.


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Inexpensive Furniture

Finding furniture was difficult because I didn't want to spend a ton of money and I also wanted clean lines, so I decided to keep the furniture from my previous space. I got this desk from Target about two years ago; it's clean and [very] basic but has enough space and a center drawer to hide paperwork and other items I don't want visible. When I initially ordered the desk, it came within a few days and was easy to assemble—I did it myself. To keep with the black and grey color scheme of the room, I also decided to keep the chair I had; this too is from Target.


Create your own artwork

Around the apartment, my office included, I like to create artwork—it creates a personal and unique touch to your space. Now, I'm no painter or artist, but I like to grab some paint and a canvas and let my creative juices flow. This painting was created on a whim to cover up something I was attempting to draw—again, not an artist. But you don't have to be, art is subjective and if it's something you love and gives you a feeling, create it and hang it up!


Personal touches

Inspirational quotes, spirituality, and pictures of my favorite people are the personal touches I like to add to my work area. They serve as constant reminders as to why I do the work and why I need to keep going. Use what inspires you to fill in your space; make sure it's visible, so it serves as your daily reminder to keep going.


Use what you already have

As I said above, I used the desk and chair I had from my previous space, and it helped save me a ton of money. If you don't own a desk or chair, take a look around to see what you already own that can work as an office set up—think about refinishing it with a fresh coat of paint or stain. Also, if you don't have the space to add a desk, create a corner in your home away from the TV or any distractions that you can make your own. 

Be creative

Office spaces can feel very much like a workspace; get creative so it doesn't—artwork, pictures, and color can help break up the office feeling. As I said, my office is inside of our walk-in closet, so I'm surrounded by clothing, color, and art—all the things that inspire me and help me create; try creating a space that gives you the same feelings.

To finish off the office, I added a white board and pin board that I grabbed at Bed Bath & Beyond; this is where I plan out my content and leave myself notes of inspiration. Creating a home office on a budget can be easy and fun; I have a few more things I want to include, so give me your suggestions in the comments below or tweet me! I'll share pictures with you if I include your suggestions!

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