How to Create a Sacred Space on a Budget



Going back into the New Year, one of my goals is to get back into meditation and creating new morning and nightly routines. In the past, I was very good about meditating daily, reading, staying off of social, and practicing spirituality, but throughout the past few weeks and months, I've [admittedly] fallen off. It's time to get back on track, and in doing so, I wanted to update my current scared space.

Since living on my own, I've had a small corner in my apartment to practice meditation and spiritual rituals; a place to be still, reflect and get centered. But between work, errands, relationships, and life, I barely have a moment to myself, and this space has allowed me to reconnect with my inner-self and spirit. I encourage everyone to create a sacred space; the process doesn't need to be complicated or expensive, just a place to invite peaceful energy into your spirit. Here are seven ways to create a sacred space on a budget.

Find a space

Your space should feel sacred, safe, and guide your energy. Find a space in your home where you can close the door and be uninterrupted for a period of time. It doesn't have to be an entire room or corner; a shelf or windowsill will do as long as it feels good for you.



Before you begin using your [newly] chosen space, I encourage you to cleanse it with the smudging technique—paying close attention to the windows, doors, and corners of the room. You want to remove any negative and stagnant energy that can block you from receiving positivity. During your cleanse, set your intention for the space, and be sure to use it as the grounding force that guides your meditation and rituals.

Set the tone

Your intention will set the tone, but what will you use this space for? If it's meditation or reading, you want to get pillows or a chair that will support your body. While you're in this area, you want to be comfortable, so be sure your body is supported, electronics are removed, and you set a clear tone for what this space will be used for.

Get an altar

Creating and setting up an altar can be as simple as placing a decorative fabric over a small table. In the past, I used a flat wooden stool; now I'm using a shelf I purchased from IKEA with the door removed. An altar can be anything you're able to place spiritual items on and store your unused items.



The fun part! Because this is your space, it's important you choose items that resonate with you and your spiritual path. Since it's meant to be a space of inspiration and refuge, decorate your altar will candles, incense burners, flowers, crystals, and any spiritual objects that will help ground you and connect you to your highest self.


Scents can help soothe you and bring a sense of calm. I enjoy burning white sage incense, lavender or rose candles, and frankincense oils; each scent helps to ease my anxiety and allows me to center and quiet my thoughts and relax my mind and body. I encourage you to choose scents that will guide and soothe you.

Center yourself

Throughout creating your space, remember you, your spirituality, and spiritual growth is the center of it. Choose everything based on how it makes you feel; when you're in this area, you want to feel a sense of calm, peace, and inspiration. If it doesn't speak to who you are or who you're becoming, avoid using it. Also, I recommend keeping others away from or touching anything in your space; this will help keep the energy pure and positive.


When creating your sacred space, remember it should be an area that invites peaceful energy and positivity into your life. It doesn't need to look or feel like anyone else's space, and over time, you'll want to spend more time nurturing your spirit and the good vibes it brings.

What items do you use in your space? And if you're just creating one, tag or share it with me! Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired.