How to Make Your Own Terrarium


Do you guys have a green thumb? I sure don't, lol. I'm in the process of redecorating my apartment, and I didn't want to buy new furniture but wanted to add a few pieces that updated what I currently have. In doing so, I decided to add some greenery with a low-maintenance terrarium. You guys should totally make one; it's easy and fun!


To assemble:

1. Pick Your Terrarium Container
Find a cool container to house your terrarium. Know that closed containers are best for wet plants because they create additional humidity. I chose this container from World Market; I love that its full glass, a geo shape, and open at the top. The clear glass and open top offer the best view of the plants. 

2. Pick Your Plants
Next, decide if you want wet or dry succulents; I chose dry because they are less maintenance. You can find succulents and cacti at your local home store for less than $2; I found mine at Home Depot. 

3. Create a base
Start with your sand and add about an inch into the terrarium as a foundation. If you want to add a pop of color, add a contrasting shade of sand or a fun bright color. Add a thin layer of river rocks for drainage; you'll add more later. 

4. Place Your Plants
Before you place your plants, remove them from their current pot and loosen the soil (some will recommend leaving them in their current pot and placing it in, I chose not to). Add a layer of moss and terrarium soil onto the small layer of rocks. Now you can place your plants and adjust so that the plant roots are planted into the soil; adjust to your liking.

5. Adjust
Now that your plants are in, adjust them and add another layer of rocks to secure your plants. You can add small figurines to add some character and a personal touch; I chose this elephant that was a gift from my partner. 

6. Care For It
Succulents should be kept in bright sunlight and watered every two weeks.

Terrariums don't require much and are great for people like me who don't have a green thumb. Have you guys created any? Send me your pictures; I'd love to check them out!