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At the beginning of the year, I made it a point to give myself a clothing budget because I'm adamant about saving [more] and spending [more] on creating memories. So, since I'm making myself stick to a budget, I have to get [more] creative with my style and find new ways to incorporate new pieces into my wardrobe. Insert vintage.

The thought of wearing vintage clothing never sat well with me; I'm big on energy and believe everything carries it, so I avoided anything that someone wore to avoid picking up their energy—positive or negative. But I'm now giving it a try, and after a ton of research, I've found a few local stores that carry unique vintage pieces. In this new post, I'm sharing with you three ways to shop for vintage.

I. Where to shop

First off, I avoid the local charity stores because that's not the vibe I'm going for, but if that's your thing, go for it. Luckily, with a little research, you will find, many major cities have high-street style vintage stores that cater to vintage collectors and stylist who are looking for unusual pieces. NYC is the mecca of vintage; here in the city, it's a lifestyle, mindset, and sport. You can visit stores like; What Goes Around Comes Around, L Train Vintage, and Housing Works to find anything from Levi's to Chanel and stores like Housing Works partner with different charities to support local communities.


II. How to shop/what to look for

When you're shopping for vintage clothing, the most important thing to look out for is quality. Be wary of the clothing's condition; few pre-owned items are in pristine condition, so pay attention to stains, tears in the fabric, or any seams that are coming undone. Instead, look for pieces that are labeled "good" condition and those that have no signs of aging or wearing. Items like denim, wool, and leather age well and you will get the most cost-per-wear from these pieces.

*Note: Look at the care instructions; items that are dry-cleaned only or those that do not wash well can be a nightmare—stay away from them.  

III. How to style

To avoid looking like you traveled back in time, pick an era before you shop or define what age the piece you're buying falls into; how you style it is up to you. However, try mixing up your vintage clothing with modern contemporary pieces; you don't want to end up wearing a costume; it's about incorporating vintage pieces into your current wardrobe and making them modern.


Coat // ASOS -- Woven // Topman (Similar here and here) -- Denim Jeans // Vintage 1970 Lee -- Shoes // Zara (Similar)

Key takeaways
• Check the garments conditions
• Denim, Wool, and Leather are the best fabrics
• Make it modern and your own


Defining what vintage is can be challenging, and many people confuse the term; vintage is anything that is older than 50 years but less than 100. However, in modern times, vintage is anything from a previous era. What are your thoughts on vintage clothing? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social!


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