Leather Jacket + Denim on Distressed Denim


Leather Jacket // ASOS -- Denim Jacket // GAP -- Denim // H&M (Customized) -- L/S T-Shirt // H&M -- Sneakers // Converse -- Sunglasses // C/O Express (similar here and here)

Aside from oversized, distressed denim has been my go to over the past few weeks. It's something about the destruction that I love, especially when it's paired with pieces that are more refined and polished. Since we are finally starting to get warmer weather (Hey, Spring! Glad to see ya girl!) I wanted to make another pair of distressed denim to have throughout the season (DIY tutorial on distressing your own denim here). Keeping the rest of the look simple, I layered a L/S t-shirt under a denim and leather jacket. 

The past two weeks have been crazy for me, and I have no idea what's next, but I'm keeping the faith and pushing forward as I work to get everything back on track. Spring is about blossoming into a new season and updating your wardrobe and (re)defining your style. I created a new 30-day challenge to help you define or redefine yours. In the #perfectingyourstyle challenge, I will help you identify and create a better style and a better you. Sign up for the #perfectingyourstyle challenge here; it's FREE!


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