Men’s Modern Day Minimalism

Is less always more? I’d have to say YES! Living in an era where almost everything has the analogy of “more is more”, cutting down on the clutter & excess seems to be the way things are moving. The minimalist approach may seem boring & overly Zen, but I believe it to be fascinating & sometimes a challenge (in a good & interesting way). Thanks to social media & the internet, we are all over loaded with information of what to wear, what trends to follow, & how we should wear them. While this information can be useful, it can also be confusing.

So what do I mean by modern day minimalism? For me, it spans to every aspect of life; quality over quantity. With that said, I will focus on [of course] fashion. The aesthetic of minimalism in fashion is about impeccably tailored silhouettes (whether it’s fitted or not), complete removal of embellishment & ornamentation, clean lines, & neutral or monochromatic colors. The key is simplicity when striving for these looks, focus on the above with the addition of texture & you can successfully achieve the look. 

Runway is of course endorsing this with many designers showing collections that are focused on shape & less on print & decorative accents. With designers now experimenting with new forms & silhouettes, they are also integrating tonal hardware with elements of color blocking & draping. Catering to this aesthetic, designers such as Alexander Wang, Neil Barrett, & Christophe Lemaire have continued to produce collections that are clean & have an ease to them; while still having a sense of masculinity & wearability. 

Below I have created a product lookbook, as well as, runway references to help illustrate the look.

Product images via store website.

Runway images via