Mindfulness and Materialism


Working in an image driven industry that focuses on materialism and excess, it can be difficult to find your center. On the surface, fashion can be just that - all about the surface with no focus on the core of who the people are that continue to build this business. While fashion and spirituality are two opposites, when pulled apart, they can achieve a common goal, similar to mindfulness and materialism. 

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In a previous post, I examined the connection between fashion and spirituality and determined that when both are in it's purest form, they can be one in the same. Materialism is quickly becoming the downfall of society today compared to 55 years ago when consumers owned twice as fewer vehicles and ate out less but were much happier. So, why aren't people satisfied with more today? Many of us participate in consumer culture and value material over relationships and quality of life, but continue to seek a connection to something that is greater than the surface. Is there hypocrisy in this? Maybe, but I believe it's more of a contradiction. Don't get me wrong I love the newest whatever, but the difference is, I don't find value in it. So, you have to ask yourself, "do I find the same sense of pleasure by achieving inner peace as I do with the newest bag?

Mindfulness is straightforward and something that we already do and how we already are without doing it. It's our ability to be fully present and aware of who we are and what we're doing. It's innate and can be developed through different techniques such as meditation or yoga. Doing these practices will allow you to center yourself and bring about an inner awareness and consciousness that allows you to be fully present with yourself and the world around you. Those who practice mindfulness are typically happier and at peace, and they are without the addition of material possessions. Mindfulness improves who we are and doesn't require you to change, but it does require you to dig deeper and practice. So, what's the connection?


The connection between the two is that they both provide a fulfillment - one positive and the other negative - you have to decide which side of the spectrum you'd like to fall. Many of us will fall in-between the spectrum of being mindful, but still wanting material possessions, it's important that it isn't your focus. Mindfulness and materialism can coexist peacefully but understand that you will be pulled towards one over the other. The more you practice mindfulness, the less you'll be pulled towards materialism, thus creating a life that's centered in peace and balance. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired. - SCP