My Experience in a Salt Cave

My mom and I have been trying to have a mother-son-day for the longest, but both of our schedules are crazy, and we haven't been able to get time for just us. This past week she took a few days off, and we both decided that one of those days we would spend time together and have a self-care day. Self-care days for us have always included shopping, food, and a ton of laughs. Everyone knows that my mother is my best friend, we are [literally] the same person, so when we spend time together it's always fun! And she always has tricks (and treats; I got homemade blueberry muffins) up her sleeve. When she picked me up, she let me know we had an afternoon appointment, but wouldn't tell me where we were going—typical for her, lol. 


We arrived at a place that looked like a spa, but it wasn't, it was Nature's, a salt cave and float pod therapy center. I've never heard of a salt cave, so my excitement came from experiencing the unknown. We were quickly escorted to the cave area and decided on the smaller, private cave. Upon entering I was amazed; the tranquil room is covered in pink Himalayan salt; the walls are made of salt bricks, the floor—covered in salt-like-sand, and while you're enjoying your 45 minutes of relaxation, Himalayan salt infused air is blown into the room. How you spend your 45 mins in the cave is your choice; we decided to sit back, relax, and meditate—I took a nap!


hey, mama! 😘💜


What I wasn't aware of, are the health benefits from a salt cave. Because the caves are all natural, it allows the salt to cleanse your airway to treat asthma, seasonal allergies, sinus infections, and many other ailments. Also, it's proven that Himalayan salt lamps have natural healing powers towards your well-being and mental health—I sleep with one on every night. We both suffer from allergies, and once we left, we both noticed we were breathing better, and our typical sneeze-attacks stopped!

The experience was both relaxing and a lot of fun. And now that I'm aware of salt caves, I will be researching additional locations and different ways to incorporate Himalayan salt therapy into my daily life. Have any of you ever experience this? I'd love to hear about your experience—comment me below!