My Favorite 3-Face Primers for Men


I'm typical not a fan of makeup, but as I continue to do imagery and video work, I'm understanding the need and importance for it. Now, I doubt I will wear it daily, but from time-to-time won't hurt. In search of the right products, I did some research to find what would be most beneficial for my skin type - sensitive and oily. Here's a list of the best primers I've used and my thoughts on each. 

Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer Primer
A makeup friend recommended I use Makeup Forever Skin Primer to get a complete matte finish without the look and feel of wearing makeup. This did the trick and kept me oil free for a few hours, but did slightly dry out my skin. A few people have recommended mixing this product with a foundation for a longer wear, but if you're avoiding the makeup feel, stay away from it. This primer left my skin noticeably smoother while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and bumps, and oily build up. 

$17 - Sephora


Neutrogena Shine Control Primer
I've heard some pretty good things about this primer and after reading reviews, I had to give it a try. It's one of the easier products to get your hands on; it's available at every drug store. While some have mentioned a gritty texture and white appearance, that has not been my experience. This primer left my skin almost oil and shine free throughout the day (used it during a two-hour shoot), giving it a solid matte finish while also evening out my skin tone. 

$12 - Target


Smashbox Photo Finish Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing
One of the things I was looking for when searching for a primer is one that would fight against the heat, humidity, and sweat - this one did it and shut down my shine. Formulated to minimize the appearance of pores, this primer also provided a matte finish while erasing any blemishes and fine lines. Though it is suggested to wear this under a foundation, I found this is one of the best to wear alone and best for daily use. 

$39 - Sephora


To use to any of these primers, apply a good oil-free moisturizer to the face and let it set 10-15 mins. Then apply a pea-sized amount of the primer [of your choice] with your finger tips or makeup sponge evenly to the face.

So, as I work on these projects I finally don't have to worry about looking greasy and shiny. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.