One Year Back


Leaving Brooklyn and returning to the place I once said, I'll never return too was not an easy decision, but the universe was pushing me - pushing me towards the next phase of my life. I knew it was time to take this step and get back to my roots to gain a greater sense of self. Living in Brooklyn taught me independence and resilience, and allowed me to get to know myself, but this return to New Jersey was about removing the day-to-day distractions so I could focus on who I was and who I needed to become. 

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Elevating to a higher self was and is important to me because it connects to everything I do. Passion and drive will always guide me, but faith continues to test me; I believe that's what it's meant to do, but as I continue to push forward in my career and creating the life I want; I wonder what has this move taught me? Aside from timing, this move has taught me to believe - belief in myself, my work, my voice, and ultimately my faith; without this, I cannot become who I need and want to be. No longer chasing success that's blinded by the lights of fame and fortune, I have shifted my focus to connecting two of my passions - fashion and spirituality. Introduced to both at very different phases of my life, I realized during each I was transitioning to who I thought I was to who I was meant to be - they both saved me


The universe has a funny way of showing up and pushing us when we least expect it. Listening to your inner self is not easy, but it's the key to creating awareness and getting to know yourself. Returning was something I never thought I would do and something I never wanted to do, but sitting here today, I believe it was the best thing that could've happened. This year back has taught me that I must continue to believe in my overall vision, that I must show up for myself before anyone else will, and in the end, I must continue to hold onto faith even when it's tested. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired. - SCP