Rest but Don't Quit; Why I Needed a Break—Again



Since going back to work, I've had little-to-no time to do anything else, and because of that, my motivation to continue the site has become nonexistent. I tried for weeks to maintain a schedule, change up the routine, and utilize my time the best way I could, but I [literally] had no time to do it. After weeks of trying to adjust, endless conversations with friends and my partner, I knew it was time for a break; to step away, reevaluate what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and what the next steps are. I contemplated shutting it all down, disappearing socially, and giving up, but I was [consistently] reminded that it's okay to take a break, rest, but it's never okay to just quit. So, at the beginning of May, I decided it was time for a long break. During my break, I learned a significant fact about myself that was hard to accept; when things become challenging and hard, my go-to defense is to shut it down and give up. During this time, I also thought about how my content and work fits into this ever-changing world of content creation, but I realized it doesn't have to and that's okay. Content creation has moved into a very visual format, and while I love to create visuals, I also want to connect with readers and viewers on a deeper level; hence my struggle for wanting more


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I can remember my parents signing me up for everything—baseball, football, soccer, karate, and the list goes on, and as practice got harder, the weather got hotter, and the schedule got crazier, I decided it was time for me to quit (FYI, none of these are logical reasons too). Now as an adult, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, that go-to defense becomes redundant and tired; it's an excuse that's rooted in fear, and the only thing you can do is continue doing the work and change these old habits. But how?

Here's how I'm working to change these habits so I can continue doing the work.

I. It starts in your mind

The mind is a powerful tool; what you think, you become, and if it's used in the right way, you can achieve everything you want, but when it's left unattended and untrained, it can be your worst enemy. As someone who battles anxiety, the voice in your head is consistently arguing with you and making you second-guess every decision. But through bi-weekly therapy session, reading daily affirmations, journaling, and limiting my time on social media, I've come back to my vision, and that's allowed me to get back into creating without the pressure to live up to someone else's expectations.


II. Create a solid strategy

Like anything else, you need a strategy to keep you going. What is the reason you started? What is your end goal? How are you going to get there? These are questions I encourage you to ask yourself and then create a solid strategy to get there. I believe in creating a plan, but my mistake is, I created a plan that was unrealistic; I set goals for myself that were nearly impossible to achieve in a three-to-six-month time frame. So, when you're building your plan or strategy, give yourself permission and room to grow with realistic expectations that aren't rooted in comparison or anyone else's success.

III. Do the work and then do some more

I can't count how many times I've heard; do the work. But when you've done the work, and you have minimum results, the simple thing to do is to give up, but you can't. Back up and remember why you started, take a look at your strategy, and do some more work. Regardless of what you see on Instagram; the commitment never stops, it doesn't get easier, and it's not all glamours. If you want the results, you've got to be willing to do what it takes to get there. 


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This break proved to be needed because fear had me ready to give everything up,  but I rested, fought against the thoughts, and continued with a clearer mind. Fear can be one of the most destructive things in life if you choose to give into it. It can cause you to give up on everything you've worked hard to achieve. How do you keep going? What helps you not to give up? Let's encourage each other, so let me know below in the comments! Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired


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