Saying Good-Bye to Brooklyn


Life is about timing and being ready for the next steps. We often think we are ready, but the universe continues to push us in a different direction - propelling us towards our true destiny. A dream that came to fruition now moves into a new phase; the beginning of a new chapter that tells the story of inner growth and rewrites the tale of that seven-year-old boy who was mesmerized by the lights and the faces of success that filled the city streets. This move to Brooklyn was all about timing, I tried for seven years to make that move here and everything kept telling me I wasn't ready and I now know, I wasn't. 

The universe allowed everything to happen [unexpectedly] in literally days and within three months I was off to embark on this journey; alone. My move to Brooklyn was about living a dream, proving that I could do it, proving that my goals and career were valid. At the time, I was still searching for who I was, searching for a love that was lost. Guided by drive and passion - along with faith and gratitude, the visions for my life were unfolding and quickly came to a halt. At this time, it felt like every force was against me; trying to take away everything I worked hard to achieve. What I didn't know or realize at the time was that the universe was setting me up for something that was better. Again, it was about timing. I did everything I had to do in that phase and it was time for me to move into a new one; this new phase was about ME! (Read about reconnection here)

As I continue to grow and understand my purpose, I know it is time for me to embark on a new journey and with this phase I must leave Brooklyn. The universe allowed me to live this dream for five years and I am filled with gratitude and leave here with nothing but smiles and happiness. While I continue to hold onto faith and step into the unknown of the future; [at the end of this month] I will begin to write the next tale of that little boy who continues to dream bigger than the eye can see. Timing has pushed me toward everything I needed and while this is bittersweet, I leave here with a better sense of self and will forever be thankful to those Brooklyn streets that I called home. I beg you all to follow your dreams and never put off what you can do today. Listen to the quiet signs of the universe and let faith and gratitude guide you. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired. - SCP