Self-care for the Mind, Body, and Soul



We hear so much about self-care and the importance of it, but with the world constantly moving around us, it's easy for self-care to fall to the side. Trust me, I get it; this week I missed writing my gratitude list, haven't read in about a month, and forgot about an appointment with my trainer; I felt bad about it but reminded myself that I–like everyone else–neglects to put myself as a priority.

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Self-care is overlooked; with all of the responsibilities we have and things going on in our lives, it's easy to get caught up and forget about ourselves. I can hear you saying; "I don't have the time," but let's remember what self-care is. Self-care is about doing whatever feels good for your mind, body, and soul; it's about feeding your spirit so you can feel and look your best. Giving love to yourself is just as important—if not more important—than giving love to anyone else. When you give yourself self-care you, and everyone around you, benefits from it. So, how can you practice self-care? Here are nine ways to feed your mind, body, and soul.



I. Remove negativity

Negativity is all around us; the news, social media, people, but as you navigate through life, I encourage you to replace the negativity with things and people that bring you joy. Negativity is like a drug for your mind, the more you feed on it, the stronger it becomes, and the only way to heal it is to compensate those emotions and thoughts with positivity. 

II. Unplug

As mentioned above, social media and a constant feed of information can do more harm than good, and when you're trying to practice self-care, it's important to unplug and focus on yourself. It's about reducing mental clutter and giving your mind a minute or 30 to shut off. Free yourself from always being connected to something; one hour after waking up and one hour before bed disconnect and watch the shift your mind makes.

III. Create a daily practice

Creating a daily practice that nourishes your mind is the best type of self-care. I learned early on in therapy how to create a daily practice, and when you do, it helps to remove you from your outer presence and become connected to who you are in your [truest] form. A daily practice can include; gratitude journaling, meditation, writing, painting, yoga—anything that allows your mind to be still.



I. Be still

Stillness is not a prayer, and it's not meditation; it's a practice of turning your mind and body off. It's difficult to achieve and something I continue to practice and work towards, but what is stillness? Stillness allows you to stay connected to your true self without any distractions or confusion; it allows you to maintain perspective.


II. Move your body

I HATE THE GYM, and I HATE EXERCISING! There, I said it. But as much as I hate it and never want to do it, I do it because my body needs it, so does yours. Our bodies were meant to move and to be physical, and as you begin to move your body more-and-more, you will realize how good you feel about yourself and your body. Our bodies release different chemicals that our brain reacts to when we are physically active; allow yourself time to care for your body by getting it moving. 

III. Meditate

Like stillness, meditation is quieting the mind and focusing on being still. A form of meditation I enjoy is Contemplative Meditation; it's a form of meditation that concentrates on a single point, allowing you to become calm and your mind to become clear. Photography, painting, or dance are forms of contemplative meditation that you can enjoy while practicing self-care. 



I. Be kind

Kindness goes a long way, and when you're helping someone, you're also helping yourself. Newton’s third law states; "that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction;" the same applies to universal law. What you put out is what you get back. So, what are you putting out? I challenge you this week to practice an act of kindness by doing something nice for someone else. 

II. Practice gratitude

Practicing and focusing on gratitude is the game changer; it's the one thing that can change your life drastically. I grew up keeping a journal as a way of expressing my thoughts, but I never thought of or knew what a gratitude journal was. When I learned of what a gratitude journal is, I immediately starting keeping one and everything around me began to shift. I practice gratitude every morning by writing down five things I'm thankful for and throughout my day I focus on those five things. Grab a notebook or the notes app on your phone and begin your day with gratitude; you'll instantly notice a shift in your spirit.


III. Take a break

There is so much going on around us and in our daily lives that taking a break is almost impossible, but I encourage you to take one. Whether it's a full day or an hour a week, give yourself time to self-care by completely taking a break from doing anything or doing the one thing you love to do. It doesn't have to be thought out or overly complicated, just give yourself time to care for you and nothing or no one else. Continue to Live Your Life in Style and always Be Inspired. 

How do you practice self-care? Comment me below or leave me a comment on social with your self-care routine!


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