Spring 2016 Trend Guide: The Colors


Now that we've looked at The Statements; let's look at The Colors that dominated the runway. During warmer months we usually see an influx of color, but this season designers opted for a subdued palette. Many of the colors are already in your wardrobe, but this season is all about how you wear it. 


Dotted Sweater, $364.47 |Comme Des Garcon|

Grey is a color we've seen season after season and is also in the Fall 15 Trend Guide, but this season it's about texture. In various shades and mixed patterns, grey is the most used hue.

How to wear it: If you have some pieces in your current wardrobe, pull them out. The focus here is about mixing your shades and patterns; create some depth by adding in a look that has texture. 

Designer Inspiration: Berluti


Basic White Denim, $29.99 |H&M|

Quite predictable for Spring/Summer is white, but again is about updating an old favorite. A few designers did full on white looks while others paired white chinos or denim with traditional wovens or cable knit sweaters. 

How to wear it: Full on white looks are not practical for every day, so pair your white chinos or denim with shirts that are deep in color or colors that pop. For a traditional "All American" look, pair your white pants with a cable knit sweater or chambray woven. If you want a look that's stronger, pair it with a bright yellow sweater or lightweight jacket. 

Designer Inspiration: Dior


Frayed Poncho, $49.90 |Zara|

Aside from grey and white, this season is all about green. In the past, we've seen green in head-to-toe, but like grey, it's about mixing the shades. Don't be afraid of adding this color to your wardrobe; if you're new to color, use an accessory to clash the hues, but if you're more daring, create a look with a few contrasting pieces. 

How to wear it: Wear this color depends on how bold you want to be. As I've mentioned above, if you are afraid of color, use an accessory like a bag or tie to clash the colors. But if you're willing to take your look to the next level, wear the colors together head-to-toe. 

Designer Inspiration: Canali

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