Spring 2016 Trend Guide: The Statements


Winter was brutal, and Spring is off to an unusual start, but the trends for Spring 16 are all about bringing back the traditions in menswear; color, updated silhouettes, and unexpected accessories are what you will need to be on trend for the season. While there are a ton of trends to pay attention to from overalls to Eastern prints (dragons, flowers, and animals), I will be focusing on those trends that are practical, will refresh your current wardrobe, and will carry you into the next season. All items chosen and featured will be affordable and under $500; I begin with THE STATEMENTS


Oversized Trouser, $42.36 |ASOS|

A trend that has been buzzing for a few seasons, but made noise in a major way is the oversized or loose fitting trouser. Although slim-fit is still the go-to fit, it's good to see a fit that's flattering and practical. 

How to wear it: Even though these trousers are meant to be oversized, the fit is still important. Play close attention to the waist, and break of the pant, you want them oversized, not baggy. Solid is the way to go here; pair it with a fitted t-shirt and moto jacket or a woven and blazer. 

Designer Inspiration: Fendi


 Suit & Sneaker, $75 |H&M|

Over the last year, we've heard so much about athleisure and its impact on sportswear for both men and women, but this year athleisure is going a step further; it's all about elevated athleisure. Think tech fabrics; nylon, mesh, lightweight cotton, and Gore-Tex when you are incorporating this trend into your wardrobe. 

How to wear it: Don't pull out your sweatsuit or gym clothes and call it athleisure; it's about blending sportswear with athletic wear. Wear your suit with a pair of sneakers or throw on a sweatshirt with a woven, tie, and trouser. 

Designer Inspiration: Brioni


Washed Denim Jacket, $120 |Topman|

Layering isn't new, and there isn't much you can do differently, but with its potential to elevate your style, I had to include. This season it's really about layering your outerwear pieces; jackets-over-jackets or jackets-over-blazers. 

How to wear it: It's Spring, so the main thing you want to avoid is creating bulk and excess heat. Look for styles that are light-weight; cotton, nylon, and linen are the best (avoid layering synthetics, you want fabrics that can breathe). Also, proportions are key; on the inside layer, wear a piece that is shorter and more structured, while you keep the outer layer relaxed and longer in length. 

Designer Inspiration: Topman Design

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