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Food as Fuel for Your Spirit

Food plays a role in all aspects of our well-being, and I encourage you to look at food as more than a means of fuel, but as a resource for nourishment and to support your overall health and spirit; here's how food can heal you and fuel your spirit.

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The Truth about Going Vegan and 7 Tips to Help You Transition

At the beginning of the New Year, a close friend of mine—who has been vegan for over a year—decided to create a challenge to encourage friends to try veganism and transition to a vegan lifestyle in 40 days.

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The Truth About Being Gluten and Dairy-Free

Going out is different now, I have to greet every waiter with "I have a gluten and dairy allergy, so I'll need to customize my order" with the hope that the waiter and restaurant can accommodate my needs. 

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