The Fragrances to Wear this Winter


Aside from keeping my [personal] style intact, I like to keep a good smelling fragrance on deck. And as we head into the cooler months, it's time to switch a few things up and grab those warmer scents. 

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I've always had a love for fragrances, but as I grew into adulthood, I realized the importance of a good smelling scent that wasn't overbearing but makes a statement. Each season new fragrances are released, and after doing so smelling around department stores and Sephora, I found five of my [favorite] fragrances for you to try this Fall. 


Here are a few notes to remember when picking a new fragrance:

  • Fragrances are a living material because of its chemistry that interacts with both the ingredients and your skin; the chemistry can be altered based on your skin type, what you eat, or your body temperature; all of this will change the notes of the fragrance and make it smell different one person to another. To find the perfect fragrance that works with your chemistry, test three of your favorite scents on your skin (hands and arms) and see how they interact with your body; test this for a couple of days to see which works best for you. 
  • Pay attention to what season it is. Because it's all, think of warmer masculine scents like sandalwood, tobacco, and patchouli. The scent should be earthy and sensual.
  • Chose an Eau de Parfum; it lasts longer and more robust.

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