Tips for Throwing the Ultimate House Party


The Holidays are here, and you're receiving countless text messages to attend holiday parties and events. You're deciding between house parties with greasy chips and social events full of people you don't know. Skip both and throw your own party! House parties should be easy and welcoming - full of fun, food, and good music. This past weekend, I [we] decided to throw a small party to celebrate my partners birthday and I want to share with you how easy it is to pull together a crowd and throw the ultimate gathering. 

Guest List
The major success of your party lays in the hands of the guest list; be selective. Think of how everyone will vibe together and the type of gathering you intend to have. Invite people who are social and are easy to get along with; you don't want a "Debbie downer" bringing the energy of the party down. Also, look at the size of your space, too many people will be uncomfortable, and not enough may be boring.

Food and Drink
Parties are about good food and even better drinks. The fact is, people go to parties for just that - food and drinks; make sure they are good! Be mindful of the guest you're having and make sure you have something for everyone. If you are having a group of vegans, don't put out a spread of chicken wings and cheese platter. Avoid prepackaged foods (for parties and yourself); I try and make everything fresh; from the dip to the wings, everything is freshly made. 

Booze is everyone's favorite so make sure you have enough and a variety. It's always a hit to have a signature drink or punch (we had a big pitcher of punch that everyone LOVED); this also saves you from making cups of mixed drinks during the party. Even if you're serving punch, don't just have that; have beer, wine (both red and white), vodka, rum, and a variety of soda and juices. Tip: avoid getting drunk, you're the host, and nothing is worse than a drunk host. 


A good playlist will set the mood for the party. Again, think of the vibe of your gathering and set the tone through your playlist. I like to have two different playlists; one for the main gathering area, and the other for the bathroom. Having a playlist in the bathroom ensures your guests are comfortable and makes them feel welcomed. 

Here are the two playlists I used for this weekends' event; take a listen!

Attention is in the details, and your guest will appreciate them. I like to pay close attention to every detail; from the plating and set-up of the food to the hand towels that are in the bathroom; no detail should be missed. Putting that extra love into everything doesn't only look good, it shows your guest they are welcome in your space. 

A few details I like to do are; have [clean and new] socks for guest as they enter and remove their shoes, signs for the food so no one has to ask "what is this?", and the mentioned above music in the bathroom. 


After awhile standing around and talking can get boring, especially for the late night crew. Have games on deck to keep the party going and inject some childish fun. Games like TABOO and Pictionary are always a hit; I avoid games like beer pong or flip cup, it gets messy and rowdy and that's not the energy I like at parties. 

I love throwing parties and enjoy creating an experience for my guest. I hope these tips help you create a joyful experience for your next party! Happy Holiday, Guys!


All pictures are from this weekends past event.